All keys of new changes

All keys of new changes

The Spanish Government rolled up its sleeves and started working in favor of animal protection this 2022. History was made in January recognize pets as sentient beings by law, while previously considered “things” or goods. And in August, the Cabinet approved the new Animal Protection Law in the second round.

This measure was supported by the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, a department headed by Ione Belarra. It is expected to go into effect before the end of this year and will include exciting changes aimed at ending the persecution and animal abuse In our country.

Thus, a common framework was established in Spain to protect animals. For example, it presupposes an obligation to perform an action. training course before owning or buying a pet. These are some of the most important changes he has designed.

Prison sentences and fines

The new law goes hand in hand with a Penal Code reform to toughen penalties for animal abuse. If he dies, he will face between 18 and 24 months in prison. Even up to 36 months in case of multiple aggravating circumstances. It also stipulates disqualification from five to ten years for living or working with animals.

As for the fines, they will be significantly harsher. Minor violations will be fined between 500 and 10,000 Euros; the serious ones will start between 10,001 and 50,000 euros and the very serious ones will start between 50,001 and 200,000 euros. Another notable innovation is that instrumental violence will be included as an aggravating factor in cases where animals are used as tools in cases of gender-based violence.

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Sacrifice is forbidden

It is forbidden to slaughter pets without a duly justified reason. Healthy animals cannot be sacrificed, but euthanasia will be limited to health reasons and veterinary control only.

Companion Pet Identification

The law requires the creation of a list of animals that can be companions and live with humans in private homes. This aims to limit the trade of exotic species. It will be mandatory to identify pets and keep their vaccinations up to date.

Regulation on the breeding and sale of pets

Another highly acclaimed point is the oversight of the sale and breeding of animals. This can only be practiced by registered and professional breeders. To reduce animal abandonment, stores may not sell or display dogs, cats or ferrets for commercial purposes.

Stores may not display animals for commercial purposes.

Stores may not display animals for commercial purposes.


pet sterilization

All pets living outside of homes will be required to be sterilized. The reason is to try to reduce uncontrolled reproduction.

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Circuses, zoos and shows

The presence of wild animals in circuses is prohibited. Likewise, zoos and dolphinariums will become centers for the recovery of native species.

Shows and events where animals may be injured are not allowed on this line. This would apply, for example, to cockfighting.

Animals are excluded in the new Animal Protection Law

The new law has not been without controversy. One of the arguments is that bullfighting events are not included in the regulations since they are seen as an intangible asset and cultural heritage. Research and experimental animals are also excluded. On the other hand, hunting dogs are protected by law, so they cannot be mistreated.


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