Banned pets you can no longer keep at home have been removed from the “positive list”

Banned pets you can no longer keep at home have been removed from the "positive list"

The Council of Ministers approved the draft last August. Animal Welfare Act. this list of the Pets prohibited and allowed It is one of the changes and innovations that we should consider in the houses from now on. The bill sets out the requirements that must be met for this. an animal can be a pet, and some will be very common not including.

dir-dir invoice proposal what do you want to limit animals can be kept at home as a very controversial pet. The inconsistencies of this norm, which are in the parliamentary process, are so-called The “positive list” that will be developed after the law is approved and is expected to consist of four blocks: mammals, reptiles, birds and fish.

this “positive listing” It lists exotic animals that can be pets or pets that can offer the well-being they need in a home while avoiding harm to the environment. Spain currently has banned species lists When including invasive exotic species such as Vietnamese pigs and pythons, as well as species considered to pose a public health hazard or endangered extinction, night turtle.

Pets prohibited on “positive listing”

According to the criteria in the law, “species with certainty to occur” Invasive character or this, in case of escape and lack of control“Wild fauna species” or “species of wild fauna” that pose or may pose a serious risk to the conservation of biodiversity Not naturally available in Spain It is protected by European Union Law and/or international agreements ratified by Spain, without prejudice to those stated for hawks”.

In this sense, animals will be excludedYeah:

rodents: Mice, hamsters, chinchillas or guinea pigs.


turtlesbecause after several specific studies it turned out that they contain a large number of pathogenic vectors that can be dangerous for certain species.

birds such as parrots, budgerigars or budgerigars and other non-native species that breed in Spain.

exotic reptilessuch as snakes, iguanas, lizards of all kinds, chameleons or lizards in the category of non-native species.

snakes and spiders.

Pets that will be on the “positive list”

model legislation BelgiumSpain, where such reduced numbering already works, will be followed by Spain, whose list will be “very similar”. There may be exclusions like the ones mentioned above because this country allows them as pets asquirrels, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, horses, llamas, deer, goats, sheep, chinchillas, guinea pigs and degusof course, cats and dogs.

Considered factors

The five factors that are taken into account when preparing the list are:

animal welfare: The species should be easy to care for and meet its physiological, ethological and ecological needs.

Potential risk to the environment: If there are indications that if it escapes, it may colonize habitats and cause damage.

danger to human health: Risk to humans due to their size, venom or behavior due to their aggression or danger.

management and reproduction: Presence of scientific information on the management and captivity of the species.

precautionary principle: If there is no information about a species or its captivity is unclear, it will not be listed.

What if I have a forbidden pet?

The list will specify animals that can be kept at home based on a set of established criteria, but “months and even years” will be detailed and as it enters into force, “goes to time», as Animal Rights managing director Sergio García Torres assured ABC.

García Torres, when the list went into effect, Whoever has a banned animal can continue to own that animal.but you will need to save it and prevent duplication.

detailing list of allowed and prohibited pets it will not be an easy task. In fact, it took more than eight years to develop it in countries like Luxembourg.

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