Child abused by Oltra’s ex-husband gets a job as a cleaner after a long search

Child abused by Oltra's ex-husband gets a job as a cleaner after a long search

Underage young woman Teresa, abused By Oltra’s ex-husband, found a job months after she and her boyfriend broke up discharged from Torrevieja hospitalwhen the center was taken over by the public administration Ministry of Health. Since Wednesday last week, as he himself confirmed to OKDIARIO, Teresa works as a cleaner for a company in Valencia. As sources close to Teresa confirm, the young woman with a partner and 2 children He had not received state aid for years and had to overcome critical moments in his private life. Until your employment situation stabilizes.

Almost parallel to the fact that the former first vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana is known Monica Oltra its prepared public feedback At the presentation of the third edition of a book by the regional secretary Enric Nomdedeu in Valencia, OKDIARIO learned firsthand that the young woman herself, who was abused by Mónica Oltra’s then-husband, was working as a minor. for a cleaning company in the same city since last Wednesday. With the employment contract.

The young woman said she was satisfied with her job, which changed family roles. Now she is her partner who is dedicated to the care of 2 children. so it can develop new business activity.

The Valencian Government’s Department for Equality and Inclusive Policies is chaired by the socialist Ximo Puigthe file was paralyzed and accordingly the compensation claimed by the minor victim of the abuse suffered by her husband, then, already former Executive Vice President and who 240.000 Euros.

Today, the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policy, headed by Oltra’s successor in the Valencian Government, Aitana Mas, said at the time that Oltra’s ex-husband’s sentence was not final for the abuses he had suffered with the then-underage child and that his sentence was pending. Supreme Court Resolving an appeal that, according to consulted sources, probably won’t happen until at least next January.

In addition, the young woman was dismissed from the Torrevieja public hospital where she worked at the same time that the center in question was turned from private to public administration. It is precisely because of this dismissal that the young woman filed a lawsuit against the center in question, and this case was accepted by the court last April. Elche Labor Court No. 1.

The court postponed the reconciliation and mediation measure to January next year. Justice administration and, respectively, for a hearing before the magistrate, if appropriate. The underage child and her dismissed boyfriend are seeking compensation of 25,000 euros for alleged wrongful dismissal.

Despite all these problems that led to critical moments in her private and family life, Teresa has now found a job. Teresa is happy and focused on her work and is also waiting for the judge to set the date she should appear in court. Valencia Education Court 15.

It is the president of the court in question, who is trying to clarify whether the charges and/or staff of the Ministry of Mónica Oltra were hiding the minor’s complaints at that time due to the abuses suffered by Mónica Oltra’s husband. A case showing the balance of 16 defendants to date. Among them is the alleged criminal Mónica Oltra herself. Kidnapping, abandonment of minors and neglect of duty to prosecute crime.

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