Discussion with metal plates and the Plaça d’en Coll l Son Forteza fortification fountain: SOS

Discussion with metal plates and the Plaça d'en Coll l Son Forteza fortification fountain: SOS

At noon we arrived at Plaça d’en Coll, a famous square with restaurants in Palma. In this square, chairs and tables used to occupy what the Town Hall allowed, and leave the rest for the use of all passers-by.

We emerged into the square answering the call of Juan Morro, an ordinary citizen who is used to being there for a while every day, where we occasionally come across other people with whom he interacts. There are even days when he goes to one of his workplaces and asks for a can of beer and drinks it while sitting on a kind of stone bench that forms the entrance of the underground parking lot in front of the destroyed fountain in the center of the city. that area. urban.

Morro first wishes to report that someone has placed a series of metal plates containing a metal cylinder that protrudes about half a meter from the center, making it impossible to sit comfortably on the stone bench in question.

“I’m sick of seeing them there,” says Morro, pointing to them, “I went to City Hall to report this, but there they told me to do it to the Police, so I did, but it’s like nothing happened. Since those plates are still there, they told me to take it into account. Those signs, which do not make sense to be there, occupy an area that belongs to the citizens.

Fortunately, as the days passed and no one did anything, Morro and his two friends took the said plates and scattered them in the square, but two days later they were found again where they were. Will they remove it again…? Because they insist that the space they occupy is public. Therefore, the plates should not be there. Your job would be for Cort to intervene, right?

destroyed fountain

On the other hand, we noted that some monuments, statues and fountains in Palma, which we disclosed a few weeks ago, are not only destroyed but also continue to be destroyed, such as the fountain in the square in question. Beautiful, crowned with the Ciutat crest, but stained, little holes, spots… And no water! We say this because your faucet stopped running water a long time ago.

Well, we leave it there too…

neighborhood complaint

A resident of Caballero de Asphelt street in South End Forteza called us to report the shortcomings “not only on this street, but on other streets nearby”. And he sends us photos so that there is no doubt about them.

The neighbor tells us that most of the sidewalks on and near that street are “broken, the road is full of potholes and quite dirty.”

He also complains that the bins on that street have been full for days and no one has emptied them. «And worst of all, they leave not only paper or cardboard in them, but also food residues that give off odor and smell… And in the summer, I tell you why! Or better yet, ask the ground-floor neighbors who have one of these bins nearby. They have complained to City Hall several times, but to no avail, because the full trash cans are still there.

rusty street lamps

The communicator’s anger doesn’t stop there, but now, and also for his part, he insists on the dilapidated and narrow sidewalks that exist in the neighborhood, and not just because of how difficult it is to navigate between them “but because inside them there are power poles that block the passage of a stroller or wheelchair. Moreover, he adds, most of them lift or break the tiles, which makes it easier to stumble and fall. Oh, and some power poles erected on the sidewalks… Well, especially if you look closely at their pedestals, which are almost glued to the ground, you’ll see they’re rotting. This rust eats them up ».

Finally, he points out that the yellow stripes that prevent parking in front of some crossings have disappeared. “And the ford’s owner paid for it.”

All we can think of to tell this neighbor, except to be patient a little longer, is that those responsible for the smooth running of the city usually don’t travel there much. Otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about these issues.

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