Feijóo demands that Sánchez take responsibility for his “legal error” of the law “only yes is yes”

Feijóo demands that Sánchez take responsibility for his "legal error" of the law "only yes is yes"

The government that promised the most on behalf of feminism in the history of Spain was the government that took the biggest step back in this regard.

“No country can be ruled from frivolity, ignorance and arrogance, let alone ours,” he said. Alberto Núñez Feijoo. The leader of the People’s Party once again attacked the Government of Pedro Sánchez for the consequences of the entry into force of the dispute. The law of “only yes is yes” Encouraged by Irene Montero’s ministry, this is something the Executive has described as an example of how it governs “by raising a banner and slogan.”

«The most promising government for feminism in Spanish history, taking the biggest step backwards in this regardThe ‘popular’ president denounced this Saturday at a party event in the Balearic Islands, where he asked the general manager to “take responsibility” for this law, which he called a “whore”, and to “stop its harmful effects”. from the norm and those warned by both the Council of State, the CGPJ, the Economic and Social Council and the opposition but ignored by the Ministry of Equality.

In this sense, Núñez Feijóo considers it “inexcusable” that the ministers and spokespersons of the PSOE wanted to “distract themselves from the problem”, arguing that Minister Irene Montero did not belong to her own formation. “This is a cheesy joke and also a clear example of a country’s legislative arrogance, especially when they were the Ministers of Justice, Home Affairs and Defense, the three socialist judges, they should have stopped. “the law,” he reproached.

He also filed charges against the attacks on judges by Minister Montero, whom he felt could not continue in Podemos and the Government. “Accusing judges of being sexist is not good for Western democracy”, declared. And the thing is, despite the avalanche of requests reaching Spanish courts for a review of rape sentences and the reduction of sentences for many sex offenders after the implementation of the controversial law, and others on the street, the President of Equality, far from showing any intent to correct it or step down, called judges like his party “machismo”. ‘ and he reacted by accusing him of not obeying the law.

“The harm has already been done, but it’s up to the government to fix and stop insulting judges by saying that when all judges are better educated than the vast majority of government ministers, they should get more education,” Feijóo said. said. gets applause from the audience.

“A Political Alternative”

The leader of the People’s Party claimed once again in his speech. a “political alternative” to the current governmentgave a “hope” message, arguing that it is possible to grow the economy again and become “one of the great countries of the European Union”. We are calling once again by the citizens to overcome these years in which we have not progressed and regressed.”

Therefore, with special emphasis on previous occasions and at his press conference from Genoa after Sánchez’s announcement of crime reform, he urged “popular” militants and leaders to work to present an alternative to the Executive. He then promised to undo this change in the Penal Code if he became president, claiming moderation, political centrality and constitutional unity as “the only possible way to represent all Spaniards”.

As its leaders pointed out last week, the People’s Party refuses to submit a no-confidence motion against the Government because Vox and Ciudadanos want it to be the leader of the opposition and maintains its position that the no-confidence motion will be withdrawn. He made the Spaniards “at the ballot box” to Pedro Sánchez.

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