Fepeco rejects housing solutions for those affected by the volcano, calling them “shameful and worthless”.

Fepeco rejects housing solutions for those affected by the volcano, calling them "shameful and worthless".

President of Fepeco, Óscar Izquierdo shows his anger at housing solutions implemented by the Canary Islands Housing Institute (ICAVI) that are “clearly dishonorable for those affected by the volcanic eruption”. “The bullshit is such that if they deliberately wanted to do it badly, it couldn’t have been worse,” he denounced in a statement.

From the Canary Islands Administration, “Fepeco’s recommendations that value the capacities and potential of our local companies as a responsibility to undertake a sustainable and dignified building reconstruction fit the needs were deliberately ignored. The motivations and reports supporting the alleged and failed ‘solutions’ and the decision makers on this issue should be made public.

“Most politicians, he adds, fill their mouths with ‘Canarianism’, then ignore and despise Canarian companies, seeking information of higher quality and our authenticity in addition to what we have here. Politics as a public service failed in La Palma in terms of solving the housing emergency, with disorganized decision making, did not live up to the glorious promises made since the start of the volcanic eruption where everything was promised, and then almost nothing was done and what was being carried out lived up to current needs. does not serve as an honorable and responsible response”.

“After more than a year of weakening of the volcano, the housing urgency does not fit and does not seem acceptable. continues to justify the disrespect and insensitivity shown by some politicians to families affected by all types and circumstances. They opted for recycled shipping containers that were supposed to be made into homes for victims, although they had other options with much better quality and a similar price and delivery time. The urgent creation of temporary or temporary accommodation for affected families in need does not in any way justify their failure to meet adequate and comfortable living conditions, especially if the planned stay will be extended for many years.

“The lack of empathy, that is, the sense of identification with someone, and the laziness of public officials are evident when preferred. “offensive humiliation” in front of someone “good housing repair”The somewhat reckless as well as vile disregard of the houses destroyed by the volcanic catastrophe formed the basis of the stability and security of these families., As in many other places in the Canary Islands, and after several generations of work and abstinence, which in many cases became the center of social life. No matter how much effort is made to justify such a crime, no reason can be found to justify such a decision, because once the investment costs and the time taken for installation and use are known, the alternatives proposed by the Canary companies are in terms of quality, comfort, livability, price and implementation time. obvious advantages”.

Regarding technical and urban conditions, there is no known justification for the degree of compliance with the current regulations (Technical Building Law and other regulations, Regulations and Urban Regulations, habitability conditions). setbacks, distances and minimum heights within a home, inadequate heat and sound insulation, conditions and firefighting measures.

Special mention should be made of the total lack of planning, which justifies the adequate condition of containers and wooden houses, incapable of creating population centers worthy of the name, given the lack of neighborhood facilities and public spaces. balanced social life It must be taken into account that the so-called ‘temporaryness’ of what has been done so far will undoubtedly continue for many more years, as is unfortunately common in similar situations; Consequently, given the housing problem and the current general restructuring, it is more necessary than ever to demand greater social awareness and public responsibility.”

In this sense, Fepeco, as an employer of the construction industry in our province, “cooperates actively, responsibly and positively, under the inalienable premise that we must, with the construction policy to be implemented in La Palma, respond with all fairness and dignity to the demands of the community and those affected by the eruption of the volcano”.

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