Going to hyperspace with Timothy Morton’s ‘Spaceship’

Going to hyperspace with Timothy Morton's 'Spaceship'

VALENCIA. In less than twelve parsecs, the Kessel Runner is a real feat only the fastest can achieve. Speed ​​is a key factor in this universe: it’s speed that connects us to Earth and hopefully the Solar System, and it’s our lean lifetime. The distances are so monstrous and our lives so short that it seems unlikely that we will personally encounter anything beyond our little cosmic neighbourhood. This is something we’ve known for a long time. As much as we dream of finding an alternative way to travel. To save the inhuman wasteland from astral darkness, we need to rethink the concept: there is no point in trying to move at the speed of light (about 300,000 kilometers per second), or even try to exceed it. On the one hand, because nothing with mass can move faster than light. On the other hand, because even light is very slow in the context that interests us. The nearest exoplanet, only four light-years away, will remain beyond our capabilities for a long time to come. No, you have to do it another way. Perhaps through wormholes, which are never noticed—and rather created, what we need—through wormholes, whose usefulness is the same in several movies, marking two dots on a page and then superimposing after folding the paper. and crossed with a pen that connects them. Another possibility, much discussed in fiction, is to jump to another dimension or plane with a different operation than the previous one. surface. This will be the submerged state where the greatest distances are recorded. embassy citya fascinating novel China Mieville. Immersion is a medium in which one moves in and out – not without difficulty – to connect very distant points. In the same sense, of course, we would have hyperspace skipped or made in Star Wars, this unique experience that millions of people around the world have dreamed of for decades.

An absolutely iconic moment in movie history: Han Solo and Chewbacca prepare to escape their pursuers by jumping into hyperspace. They warn that the maneuver is risky: without very precise calculations, they can turn out to crash into any object. The expertise of the smugglers’ pilots is crucial, and the stars suddenly turn from dots to lines, and they’re already speeding through a tunnel of light. for the philosopher and the writer timothy Morton This scene must have had a profound effect on him. From a very young age he loved to dream of ships: they were safe havens to escape the worldly hostilities of a world too prosaic. Of all these spacecraft, it wasn’t the spaceships that made the most sense to him.spaceships), a more agile, less corporate, less bureaucratic, more independent version: spaceships (spacecraft). Inside SpacecraftPublished by the Holobionte Ediciones with its translation. Federico Fernandez GiordanoThe author boards the Millennium Falcon, a derelict spaceship that circulates through fraudulent transactions, yet still able to fend off any threat, and at the same time reappear at the right time to pave the way for the heroes and do our thing. He gets goosebumps at his pilot’s battle cry. The Millennium Falcon is too good to be a hero. Its realm includes the heroic realm, but it extends far beyond.. He has ceased to be the Tom Bombadil of the galaxy far, far away: a sweet but elusive legendary figure. No one can truly own the Millennium Falcon, which has always outstripped its crew.

A spaceship expert at finding shortcuts, Morton finds the promise of a new era. With the ability to no longer jump but enter hyperspace, the author discovers a horizon of possibilities that is far more democratic than other representations of alien dimensions through which we want to sneak to explore the universe. Morton wants us to look at hyperspace in a radically different way: we don’t enter it, but rather it surrounds us.. It quotes for Bini Adamczak: “Think back to the day you were taught how to prevent STDs in school. No one would think of putting a banana in a newly opened condom, right? The job of putting a condom on correctly is easier if you think about it. When you wrap it around a banana. In fact, circumcision is easier than we think in daily life. It’s a common occurrence. For example, when a net catches fish, when gums envelop food, when we crack nuts with an opener, or when one hand holds a joystick or a beer bottle”. The hyperspace through which the Millennium Falcon passes is a calming fluid; It is an experience that lasts minutes or hours, where one can relax, play holographic chess, or just chat: when they arrive at their destination, they have to get down, make plans. , impersonate the other, tackle huge monsters, or unzip your explosives and shoot lasers with whoever you want. The Millennium Falcon lives as far from the galactic fascist empire as it is from the disturbing Jedi church and its abuse of power.: theirs is the lumpenproletariat, the pariahs, uprooted in search of their lives as best they can. The Millennium Falcon is not pure and immutable, but hybrid, trans: it was an original ship, but after numerous changes and refinements, it evolved into something else over time. Delicate, not clear, look at me and touch me, rough and resistant. It is not an eagle, as Morton rightly pointed out, who saw in his example the future of a country that did not yet exist: the less kings, the more unconquerable. It is a discreet and swift bird that flies through the thickets of reality.

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