Lots of laughs with Echenique over Montero’s desperate attack on the SER to defend his legal mess


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ANDdespair consumes them.

United We Can’s spokesperson at the Congress of Deputies, Pablo EcheniqueIn an attempt to defend Equality Minister Irene Montero’s legal incompetence with a ‘if yes only’ law, she filed a criminal complaint against the SER chain.

“They spent half an hour at La SER, defending the right of some sexist judges to reduce sentences for heinous rapists (bypassing Provisional Article 5 of the Criminal Code) and brutally attacking the Minister of Equality. Your feminist and left-wing radio”.

In this way, Echenique continues to advance the excuse that Podemos does not take responsibility for its incompetence in drafting an arrangement that benefits sex offenders and harms and revictimizes abused women.

The General Secretary of the People’s Party in Madrid, faced with such nonsense, Alfonso SerranoHe mixed the podemita with a strong message: “WE ARE NOW facha”, a text accompanied by some smiling emojis.

But Serrano wasn’t the only one to hit the podemic. Many users have blamed Echenique for not being consistent, for example, blaming a chain that hosts weekly. Pablo Iglesias. Even to Irene Montero, who was scalded for not being able to justify her incompetent job.

legal shit

Organic Law on the Comprehensive Guarantee of Sexual Freedom, known asYes Law Yes’ of the Irene Montero, It just went into effect and has already demolished what the Minister for Equality has described as “sexist propaganda”—that the new legal framework would mean reduced sentences for sex offenders. Contrary to what Montero claimed, this happened.

How well did you rate it? Ana Rosa Quintana last November 16, 2022, may be called the “Yes, but no Law”. According to Mediaset’s morning host, “there are more than a hundred cases requesting investigation.” “The law is crap. The General Assembly of the Judiciary warned about it in a report and it was ignored,” Quintana said in his journal editorial. “They told Equality it was a scam. A true scam. Podemos’ response is to attack. To the lawyers and judges who do their job properly.”

Map of sex offenders benefited by the Irene Montero Act

Known as Yes Law Yes A petition for a reconsideration of the sentences of men serving prison sentences for sexual offenses provokes the deluge. The Supreme Courts of Justice of several Autonomous Communities are processing these requests quickly, and some are already enforced under the new Penal Code as amended. Irene Montero.

Inside Murcia, Balearic Islands, Castilla y Leon, Andalusia, Catalonia or Madrid There have been reductions in convictions of sex offenders benefiting from the entry into force of the new regulations.


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