Madrid health centers seek increase in Primary Healthcare spending

Madrid health centers seek increase in Primary Healthcare spending

21.11.2022 06:32


WHO’s recommendation is that up to 25% of total health expenditures should be allocated to Primary Health Care.

Managers of 165 health centers Community of Madrid signed a statement addressed to him. The Department of Health has had this level of care for “years” on the occasion of an indefinite strike of family doctors and pediatricians that Amyts union deemed “urgent and necessary” to increase healthcare spending and strengthen Primary Care to alleviate “structural breakdown” starting this Monday.

In the text, which seven health centers without a manager are bound by, “Aggravation of working conditions Number of professionals and quality of patient care exacerbated by the pandemic”.

They emphasize the “urgent and necessary” as well as an increase in health spending, as recommended by the WHO, the World Bank and health management experts. Strengthening the primary care and preventive health modelAs “the only way to maintain quality public health is sustainable and efficient, able to face the needs of current and future populations as well as foreseeable future epidemics”.

to share advice WHO Allocating up to 25% of total health expenditures to Primary Health Care ServicesA figure below the national average of 14.7%, compared to 11% allocated by the Community of Madrid.

“Continued budget shortfall lack of human and material resources underlined the signatories of the statement “which hinders the proper management of health centers to guarantee quality care for the population”.

They confirm that “lack of resources is caused” migration of new professionals trained in centers; as well as the wear and tear and abandonment of teacher teaching”.

They need the Ministry “as the backbone of the management and care functions in health centers and as the guarantor of the relationship between the professionals working in these centers and the Primary Care Administration”. “a respectful and empathetic dialogue that leads to agreements This results in the empowerment Madrid Primary Care needs and deserves”.

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