misogynistic rhetoric presents man as a victim

El machismo coge fuerza en redes: discursos misóginos presentan al hombre como víctima

this Machismo gains power on the Internet and social networks: From Youtube to Twitch, through websites like ‘forocoches’, the scene of anti-feminist, misogynistic and denialist rhetoric gender violence that has amassed thousands of followers and presenting the man as the real sacrifice in today’s society.

HE “manosphere” (from the English “manosphere”), a A confluence of virtual spaces hosting multiple movements based on the dissemination of misogynistic and anti-feminist discourses. and now for the first time in the State, professors Elisa García-Mingo and Silvia Díaz have researched.

Not new but yes some conversations seems to be consolidating among the youngest and gaining followers“Youth in the Manosphere. The impact of digital misogyny on young men’s perceptions of sexual violence,” as illustrated in the Reina Sofia Center on the Fad Foundation’s Adolescent and Youth Survey.

As an example, the argument put forward by Joaquín Domínguez, better known as “.elxokas“, the content creator with the most active subscribers on Twitch, with over 46,000 on his channel. “tricks” for your friends to flirt with “high” girls.

It is the trivialization of rape that destroys the culture of consent.García-Mingo laments on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, warning of the number of children aged 10 to 13 exposed to this “toxicity” and misogyny.

Macho rhetoric infiltrating the youngest

And access to such conversations is extremely easy for the smallest, because they permeate the conversations and conversations of some. youtubers Y’players‘ more famous.

“And feminism is philosophical, serious, boring, intense… manosphere troll funny, irreverent and fresh‘ laments for this researcher and professor of Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid, who acknowledges the difficulty of competing with such discourse without meaningless talk about something as serious as sexist violence.

We need Ibai Llamos to join our team‘ comments, half seriously, half jokingly.

Youtubers, who advise minors to argue with their parents for not participating in equality speeches at the institute, claim that they make ‘contracts’ to have sex or make ‘night in jail’ jokes in reaction to the law, such as the only yes is yes. and to the advancement of the feminist movement.

“Children teens feel so disconnected and go online looking for answers. What is trans law, what is consent… and they eventually enter their comfort zone and connect with these ideas.‘ he points.

Aware that these groups are so easy to connect with, Silvia Díaz explains, because the manosphere “responds too easily” and leads them to normalize their feelings of anger, frustration, and resentment through what they call “returning male authority.” does not force them to question themselves, but reaffirms them.

terms like “feminazis”, “panchapangas”, “feminist beach bar” They also sneak into WhatsApp or Telegram groups and well-known websites such as “Forocoches”, a community of around 900,000 members with frequent insults that send women to “cleanse”. all whores”.

Yet it is not ‘Forocoches’ that worries these two researchers the most. “They don’t have a debate or much of a political dimension,” Díaz says. separate groups of men who have custody of their children, are organized, and have ties to political parties.

Organized movements with political ties

“These are much more serious because youThey’ve got political capacity, they’re organized, they’re mostly lawyers, and they produce a lot of misogynistic content.”, explains García-Mingo. They violate equality policies, present pseudo-scientific studies, report on unsubstantiated complaints, and Spreading the idea that violence has no gender.

And with them large numbers of women confident that equality has already been achievedthat feminism does not represent them and that they carry slogans such as “patriarchy oppresses me too rich” and serve as an argument for men to reaffirm their position.

In the case of women, these two researchers observe: far right links -something that is not so clear in men-.

More education for young people

Tension, polarization, explosion of hate speech, conspiracy thought warn both researchers that denial of climate change, vaccines is just as valuable as gender violence, that the manosphere serves as a context for it to take root in society and continue to grow, suggesting, among other things, segregated equality education in schools and institutes. .

They “feel very excluded by the girls” who are more knowledgeable about equality, so they prefer not to participate actively in the courses. They also suggest that institutes have male references that children can safely go to to voice their doubts.

Definitely, to improve the emotional education of men and to be able to refute such machine messageswant

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