Pamplona City Council justified that the municipal dormitory was full on Sunday.

El Ayuntamiento de Pamplona se justifica en que el domingo el albergue municipal estaba lleno

this Pamplona City Council on Sunday this Monday As temperatures dropped, shelter to accommodate the homeless was full and diverted to other sources. It’s a saturation in these conditions that will predictably repeat in the coming weeks if the cold settles in the capital of Navarrese. this Mutual Support Association criticized the ci enter Although the protocol is active, it does not host certain people low temperature. The Council notes that it pushed the opening of the bunker forward last Friday, despite the fact that the minimum amounts set out in the protocol are not expected to be reached.

On Thursday, the 17th, social organizations were notified that the cold wave protocol was activated from Friday, the 18th, initially until this week. On Wednesday 23, the situation will be reviewed to maintain or change the measures.

So, last Friday 18th, 8 entries were registered due to the cold wave. In addition, protection was provided to 6 people affected by the fire in Paulino Caballero street. This situation was not foreseen in the shelter at the beginning, but due to the emergency situation in which these people found themselves, they were intervened. In total, the occupation, along with other entries, was 52 people. 5 people entered, 19 of which were due to the cold wave on Saturday, and a total of 50 places were occupied. Yesterday Sunday, the bunker filled all its places with 10 entries due to the cold wave, for which 4 people were referred to other sources.

Town hall requested information from the hostel management company Entry applications to verify compliance with the instructions given by the Council, The importance of providing collateral in cold weather in the conditions regulated by the municipality protocolCity Council made a statement.

protocol Pamplona City Council Homeless Center’s cold wave begins when the weather forecast announces temperatures are below three degrees Celsius. If there is a vacant place in the center while the protocol is active, no applicant will be accepted even if the temperature requirement is not met. If all places are covered, service is provided from other sources such as pensions whenever possible.

The ‘Protocol Against Cold’, one of the interventions carried out by the City Council for the homeless, aims to coordinate the technical and human opportunities that should be used with people sleeping on the street in case of emergency. for inclement weather. These measures are being taken in the context of a humanitarian emergency that aims to ensure that no one has to sleep on the street in extreme cold.

The current protocol has come to extend the time of access to the resource by two hours, by extending the guarantee of the rights provided to users compared to previous years. Likewise, it offers another important change, as it contemplates the possibility of prolonging nights spent at the source as long as there are empty beds in the hostel.

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