Plants become new pets

Plants become new pets

joyfulDo you consider yourself a plant killer? Have you seen how even the cacti in your house faint? Do not despair. Herbal decoration pleasure has taken over the houses, you can join too. The green market in Spain is booming, according to data from the Federation of Spanish Associations of producers of fruit, vegetables, flowers and live plants (Fepex). Exports of flowers and live plants increased by 27 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year and reached 561 million euros. Imports also reached 299 million euros, 34 percent above 2020. “It’s a trend we’ve been observing for a long time, but the pandemic has been a turning point. The pleasure of decorating with plants and flowers has increased since the quarantine,” says Santiago González, director of the Spanish Association of Garden Centers (AECJ).

Awareness of caring for the environment and the proliferation of herbalists on social networks known as ‘green raiders’ have led many young people to join this campaign. boom for green decor. “We detected an 18 percent increase in the number of young customers in the garden centers. Before, flowers were seen as a luxury item and taking care of plants was a thing for ‘retirees’, but now it’s in vogue”, explains the AECJ manager. Falling prices also contributed to this expansion of the market: “You’ve been walking into a flower shop before and sorry, you were ‘shocked’ to see very expensive flower arrangements,” he jokes. And he adds: “It is now possible to market cut flowers more easily. They currently sell bouquets for six euros which means that people are starting to like having flowers in their homes. And no longer just for giving, as before, but for self-consumption.

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