Producers’ market, tastings and tapas competition in Algemesi by Gastro Ribera

Mercado de productores, degustaciones y concurso de tapas en Algemesí por Gastro Ribera

  • Gastro Ribera 2022 celebrates a new edition with a gastronomic event for all audiences. Sunday, November 27, will be a great day of gastronomy and local produce at Placeta del Pla in Algemesí. There will be a farmers market, a creative tapas competition in showcooking format, and recipe demonstrations from participating town halls.
  • All programming can be viewed at: GASTRORIBERA MEETING IN ALGEMESÍ KM0 2022 ( or described in detail below in this article.

Valencia, Tuesday, November 22, 2022. After the success of three editions, Gastro Ribera returns this November with a major innovation: a celebration of a gastronomic event focused on the 0km product of the Ribera de Xúquer and open to all spectators on Sunday, October 27 in Algemesi.

The fourth edition of Gastro Ribera combines other initiatives to promote and promote local products, such as a gastronomic November proposal at Ribera de Xúquer, a creative cooking competition in showcooking format for culinary schools, an exchange between culinary schools and hospitality. publication of a recipe book to promote the gastronomic richness of the region.

Gastro Ribera was born with the aim of improving the gastronomy of Ribera de Xúquer, an element closely linked to the landscape and of course tourism.

I Gastro Ribera Meeting km0

On Sunday, November 27, I Gastro Ribera km 0 Meeting will be an unmissable event for all gastronomy enthusiasts who want to get to know La Ribera products closely. The event will feature a local producers’ market with tastings, a show kitchen of creative tapas participating in this year’s competition, and traditional dishes from different town halls. The meeting will be held throughout the day on Sunday at Calle de la Vall d’Albaida, 28 in Algemesi, also known as Placeta del Pla, with free access and the possibility to attend tastings by purchasing tickets directly. event tent or in advance

The Gastro Ribera km0 meeting will have three different areas: the tapas competition area, the “best of every house” area and the producers/market area.

Innovative tapas competition

The tapas competition area will present continuous showcookings by schools participating in the 1st Innovative Tapas Competition with local products on Sunday morning, November 27th. This is one of the novelties of this edition of Gastro Ribera, a competition for educational centers who, after presenting the project, photo and recipe, must prepare a creative tap with km0 products from Ribera de Xúquer live.

This is an initiative of the Consorci de la Ribera Tourism Region with the aim of promoting, promoting and highlighting local products and their culinary uses, as well as positioning Ribera del Xúquer on the gastronomic map and promoting synergy between future chefs and hotel management education. centers.

Neighborhood Market and Tastings

This event will become one of the main areas of the 1st Gastro Ribera Gastronomy Meeting after receiving positive feedback from the producer market at the last Gastro Ribera, which targets only chefs and gastronomy and tourism professionals. Celebrated in Algemesi on Sunday, November 27.

By purchasing tickets, attendees will be able to discover and taste some of the region’s most important products: citrus from Narancello and Naranjamanía; cheeses and sausages from the Brenda de Alzira cheese factory; Laverdi Gourmet sauces from Llombai; The wines and vermouths of Celler de la Muntanya; honey and jam made from 10 Eixams; artisan cheeses from Escrivà; Organic fruit granitas from Granny; Organic products from Basket a Casa or kakis from DO Kaki de la Ribera, again in the hoshigaki version, using the traditional hand drying technique developed by Hoshigaki Spain. DO Arroz de Valencia organizations and the Local Board of Fallera d’Algemesi will also not miss the appointment at the Placeta del Pla de Algemesi.

During the Gastronomy Meetup, gastronomy-based tourist experiences offered by companies promoting Ribera de Xúquer through activities such as bike paths between rice fields or visits to orchards and museums linked to traditional products such as honey or chocolate.

million of every house

Another area of ​​the Gastronomy Gathering will be devoted to a new initiative by Gastro Ribera: “El millor de cada casa”, which follows the line of previous projects such as paellas cooked by the towns’ mayors.

Thus, on 27 November, the municipalities of Algemesi, Cullera, Catadau and Sueca will offer a typical dish or dessert made with local products from each municipality in the area “El millor de cada casa”. Algemesi Town Hall will try to win over the participants with its traditional rice, which will be tough rivals with Cullera paella, Catadau amb fesols i naps rice or Sueca paella. Dessert lovers will find reganyà de Alzira irresistible. In addition, a book with recipes prepared by the participating municipalities will be published this year to introduce the most iconic dishes of La Ribera.

The Gastro Ribera 2022 Gastronomy Gathering aims to value La Ribera’s km0 products and highlight their importance in the gastronomic tourism value chain: an experience that results in the palate through the five senses, from the produce from the garden to the plate.

Gastro Ribera 2022 is organized by the Consorci de la Ribera and the Algemesi Town Hall, with the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, Turisme de la Generalitat Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, through the brand L’ Exquisit Mediterrani. , AFIC (Network of Agencies Promoting Business Innovation), Valencia Turisme (Diputació de Valencia), Ajuntament d’Alzira, Ajuntament de Sueca, Ajuntament de Catadau and the International Paella Valenciana de Sueca Competition.

Gastro Ribera 2022 Perception


  • Day: Sunday, November 27, 2022.
  • Place: Placeta del Pla, c/ Vall d’Albaida nº28.
  • Calendar: Between 10:30 – 21:00


  1. Producers will also take part in this meeting where they can exhibit their products, taste and even sell their products.
  2. Producers will be tasting in the form of tapas.
  3. Producers of local products will be invited: oranges, dates, honey, rice, wine, oil, cheese, sausages, etc.

CITY ASSEMBLY REGION “HOME MILLER” (from 12:30 to 16:30):

Each participating municipality will always promote a dish or dessert from the municipality with local products. You will need to cook your food and prepare tastings for 50 people. Meals for participating municipalities and gastronomic tastings:

  1. Perception: Tabs Between Anguilla and Carabassa.
  2. Swedish: paella.
  3. Katadau: mornings and naps arròs.
  4. Alzira: Rebuke him.


  1. School level tapas competition.
  2. Cooking training centers participating in the competition: Escolapios de Algemesí and IES Llopis Marí de Cullera.
  3. On this day, the education centers that will have previously worked to present the cover will cook the cover live in front of a public presentation and jury.
  4. Jury evaluation and award ceremony.


  1. 11:00 – 13:00: INNOVATIVE TAPAS COMPETITION WITH LOCAL PRODUCTS. Live show dinners will be held by different centers participating in the competition. It will end with the jury evaluation and the award ceremony.
  2. 12:30 in the afternoon. Opening action.
  3. 12:30 – 16:30: THE BEST OF EVERY HOME. The place where you can taste the reference dishes of Ribera de Xúquer cuisine and see the cooking, with innovative dishes and always local products. Chefs from the municipality will participate, promoting a dish or dessert from the municipality.
  4. 10:30 – 21:00: MANUFACTURER AREA. Producers will also take their places at this meeting where they can exhibit, taste and sell their products.

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