‘Proyecon Galicia’ will build the Institute of Forensic Medicine

'Proyecon Galicia' will build the Institute of Forensic Medicine

The machines are approaching the Calle Dinamarca plot where the Forensic Medicine Institute is expected to be built and is expected to be operational in 2024. Everything indicates that the company ‘Proyecon Galicia’ will be tasked with making this happen at a cost of 5.3. million euros, 800,000 euros less than the maximum tender price set by the Justice Administration.

The tender continues only if the work is not awarded, and the tender table goes one step further and recommends the Undersecretariat of Justice that the tender be awarded to this firm with a score higher than twelve. The remaining bidders ‘Proyecon Galicia’, as well as ‘Gestión y Ejecución de Obra Civil SAU and ‘Proforma Execution of Works and Restorations’ also submitted good financial offers, but the budget was over 200,000 euros.

So all that’s missing is the final push to complete the rendering and start construction of a much anticipated and necessary building in Toledo that will have a basement and above-ground parking on a two-story, 2,150-square-foot plot. 23 spaces.

In this case, the allocated space is important, on the other hand, the Forensic Medicine Institute will have an above-ground parking lot for 23 vehicles. Allocated space is important, so a way to minimize the visual impact will be sought.

At the moment it is not possible to set a date for the start of work, but the possibility that the facilities can be released through 2024 is losing ground, since these calculations match if the project begins to be realized in the fall, because After construction, a deadline for equipment must be added.

Even so, despite owning a large plot of land on Calle Dinamarca, which Toledo City Council has handed over for a period of 75 years, what matters to the management is the realization of the project.

However, the tender is taking longer than expected due to the decision to exclude Construcciones Sarrión, who was in principle the best-positioned bidder, due to delays in the publication of the scales of value judgments and economic criteria governing the contract, and low recklessness. At the moment, it is not known when the final decision will be made and the proposal of the tender desk has not been answered for twenty days.

‘Proyecon Galicia’, a company with over thirty years of experience in the construction industry, will have to propose a building that will adapt to the hillside in order to adapt to the project and to minimize its visual impact and preserve its aesthetics. Beyond being a simple, functional and institutional structure for the forensic medicine service, special efforts will be made to achieve a “user friendly, bright and user-friendly” architecture that will leave its mark on the interior thanks to the use of wood and glass.

In addition, the internal structure has also been simplified to guarantee good access to the public and avoid unnecessary passages inside; this way, public rooms will be close to the entrance and those reserved for forensics will be at a greater distance to restrict passage.

The Gender Based Violence Unit will be on the ground floor, separate from the other examination rooms and will have its own waiting room. The project also states that “an especially friendly and welcoming atmosphere” should be created in this area.

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