Ribera “extremely proud” of Spain and EU’s role at Climate Summit in Egypt

Ribera "extremely proud" of Spain and EU's role at Climate Summit in Egypt

21.11.2022 11:18


The third vice-president for Ecological Transition assures that the EU will continue to promote the climate target each week, with the approval of different measures of the ‘Fit for 55’ package.

Teresa Ribera, third vice-president for Ecological Transition and Demographic Struggle, said she was “extremely proud” of the role played by Spain and the European Union at the XXVII Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27). ), ended this Sunday in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt).

This was expressed at the opening of the National Environment Congress this Monday in Madrid, where he made comments. COP27 both Spain and European Union will continue to drive climate ambition.

For Ribera, it’s “almost impossible on a human scale” to undertake He warned that “many” transformations, especially in the scale of society’s values, could not be tampered with but the laws of nature. and physics in the context of climate change.

It is therefore “proud” of the “extraordinary” representation of young Spaniards who, during COP27, communicated to the Spanish community that they “want to be actors, not victims” against climate change, and led to Sweetcorn “refreshing” talk and full of content. Different actors and representatives of different sectors actively participating in the summit and the Spanish representation came to the fore.

Likewise, regarding the “proud” of the European Union’s action, he argued that 2022 was an “enormously complex” year, as it had to assume a 40 percent cut in gas at such a complicated time: situation “in some cases” it has served some countries as an “excuse” to curb climate greed.

In any case, it guaranteed EU will continue to promote climate targets every week with approval of different measures of ‘Fit for 55’ package. “Europe knew how to adapt to the situation, but this challenge required a commitment to reduce emissions.”

Concerning the results of COP27, he said he thinks it is possible and understood that adaptation to the effects of climate change is a trivial thing with no global impacts. “The greater the passion for reducing emissions, the less the need to adapt and build resilience.”

In this sense, he said, a fundraising agreement is important to compensate for losses and damages in the most vulnerable countries. “a very important step” that is “necessary” and “fair” in the face of those living in despair, but conceded that it was difficult to convince those who believed they had been abandoned on the main stake at COP27 that action must involve goals and providing. Therefore, he stressed that it is “necessary” to accelerate climate action so that the measure for vulnerability is eliminated as soon as possible.

“In such a context, at least this prioritization fast response capacity, Explaining the feeling of being trapped that causes them to fight with extraordinary brutality to achieve something that is fair, where we will have to improve our response capacity, solidarity and response in the medium and long term”, valuing Vice President Ribera, climate adaptation “is not just about money” indicating.

In line with the statements he made at COP27 recently, he defended the following: photo in geopolitics is not the same now as it was in 1992, but some of the countries are against the disappearance of the snapshot. In any case, he celebrated the establishment of alliances between those who want to act faster and those who need it, he sees themselves as particularly vulnerable, but added that everyone should contribute to solving the problem.

Minister of Ecological Transition, action against climate change it is a “success story” that offers opportunities for the future and requires “the community to take active action, not just an activist”.

Finally, he commented that the same line of ambition and illusion will be conveyed by the EU and Spain at the UN Conference on Biological Diversity (COP15) to be held in Montreal (Canada) on 7-19 December. “We must be heroes as we are in the climate”, He highlighted “making a difference” in terms of what it means to live in a “dead” world to the health of the species, what it means to live in another “alive” and “enormously attractive” world.

“The cause is noble and fair, but it is impossible to envision a healthy and prosperous future and share people’s needs to improve the planet’s condition.”it’s finished.

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