The 2024 Paris Olympic Games already have mascots: so do the ‘Firigs’

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games already have mascots: so do the 'Firigs'

There is still time for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games to take place, but we are already learning some details of the event. An example official mascots presented at a press conference in Paris this morning.

The President of Paris 2024 attended the presentation ceremony of the mascots (Olympic and Paralympic), Tony Estanguet; Beijing 2008 wheelchair tennis men’s doubles Paralympic champion Michael Jeremiasz; and Gwladys Epangue, who won a bronze medal in taekwondo in Beijing 2008.

It should be noted that with the stellar appearance of Shuss -l since 1968The red, white and blue mascot on the skis of the Grenoble Winter Olympics– Mascots have been the best ambassadors of the Olympic movement.

Here are the mascots of Paris 2024 Phryges

Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge two figures inspired by the iconic Phrygian red berets, Popularized during the French Revolution (1789-1799).

“Phrygian tribe” (phryge in French) some Small figures intended to embody the French spirit of “freedom” and that which Tony Estanguet, head of the Paris Olympic committee, revealed to the press, bringing up a chapter of its history.

There are two prominent people in this tribe. Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge -who has a prosthesis on his right leg- will be the brand image of the event.

“We wanted to get away general tendency to make a mascot inspired by an animalwe chose an object”, Estanguet added during the presentation held in Saint-Denis (north of Paris), at the organizing headquarters of the Olympic Games in Paris.

Julie Matikhine, brand manager of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, “All the revolutions that took place in France” Phrygian hats were available with a conical cap shape and curved ends and were immortalized in paintings such as “The Revolution Leading the People” (Eugene Delacroix, 1830).

Matikhine emphasized that it is also wrong to show the prosthesis on one of the pets. a way to recognize handicap but without creating taboos. “For kids, seeing the prosthesis is just a weirdo,” the brand director said of the reaction of the little ones who saw it.

Actually, he remembered Phrygian hats are part of the daily life of little Frenchmen.because they are already observing this dress, which has been in public buildings since primary school and adorns Marianne (the female figure representing the French Republic).

Soft toys of two Phrygian heroes andThey are available for sale from 15 euros starting this week.along with a wide range of parallel products such as t-shirts, key chains or books.

They can be purchased initially. Carrefour stores in France, the brand sponsor of the games and in the official store that will open tomorrow in the central district of Les Halles. Organization It expects to sell up to two million stuffed animals that will be produced in China. through two French SMEs.

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However, the big news is that About 8% of this production will be on the territory of Franceis in production in the Brittany area to open later this month. “This way, we will be able to recover some of the know-how of the toy industry that has long moved to Asia,” said Matikhine. the materials of the mascots comply with the European rules production and safety.

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