These are Lionel Messi’s adorable pets | new day

These are Lionel Messi's adorable pets |  new day

These three furries are the most spoiled in the family.

These three furries are the most spoiled in the family.

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A few days before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the football stars of each of the qualifying teams are gearing up to give their best on the pitch. However, some have to leave their pets at home. this situation The three dogs of the Messi family, Hulk, Abu and Toby that they should be at least thirty days away from the affection of their owners.

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But honey is what’s left of them. The PSG player has expressed his love for animals many times, including his sons Mateo, Thiago and Ciro, whom he shares with his wife Antonela Rocuzzo and who do not hesitate to share every special moment with their pets.


A brown toy poodle that arrived at Messi’s home before his three children. It was a gift from the football player to his wife and they have looked after him with patience, love and respect ever since. Toby not only conquered the Messi-Roccuzzo familybut to all the fans of the couple, thanks to the constant posts on social networks where the little furry man is wearing the suits that Antonela bought him.

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by portal animal specialist toy poodles active, obedient and intelligent, which makes it a breed that is easy to train and train. In fact, it is considered one smartest dogs in the world According to Stanley Coren, a psychologist and professor specializing in canine behavior. He wrote the famous book in 1994. Intelligence of Dogs world ranking of dog intelligence.


Its name honors its magnificence. Hulk came to the football player’s home when he was just six years old in 2016, and all the fans admire his stature. East The Dogue de Bordeaux was Antonela’s gift to Messi. He was very excited after receiving it and uploaded a photo with the puppy in his hand to his Instagram account, “New member of my family. Thank you for this beautiful gift, my love.

In addition to its large size, it offers Hulk breed-specific features: most famously, his big head. Among all dog breeds, this French bulldog is said to have the largest head in proportion to its body and also has many wrinkles that make it special.

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by portal animal specialist While you may think that he has a wild character when you see this large dog, the truth is that he often friendly and calm character. Of course, this will depend on each situation and the training received to have a personality.


He is the youngest member of the family. Another toy poodle, according to Argentine media He arrived at Messi’s house in October 2020. Just one of Rocuzzo’s posts on his Instagram account, where this beautiful furry man appears, received over a million likes.

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Like his brother Toby, Abú is sociable, loyal and positive. By animal specialistThis breed of dog stopped hunting and became a domestic dog, and later in France in the 15th century. The national dog breed of France.

How much do these dogs cost in Colombia?

The price of these pets ranges from $850,000 to $1,400,000 when it comes to toy poodles. However, these prices may vary according to color and origin. The Dogue de Bordeaux, for its part, can cost anywhere from $3,500,000 to $4,500,000. Remember that owning a dog is a big responsibility and keeping your health checks and vaccinations up to date takes not only time but also money.

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