This is the minimum temperature your pet can withstand.

This is the minimum temperature your pet can withstand.

It seems that low temperatures are finally starting to take hold in almost all Spanish cities, and it’s not just humans who are suffering from these changes. Although animalsespecially dogs We are prepared to withstand these sudden changesThe truth is, they need to be prepared to deal with it.

Additionally, depending on the breed or size of the dog, it can be prepared to withstand one minimum temperature or the other. It’s important to know the keys to knowing your dog has a cold:

Body temperature drops sharply from 38ºC to 39ºC.. As we mentioned earlier, dogs have a higher temperature than humans, it is between 38 and 39 degrees. Therefore, you should be aware that if they suddenly fall, they may suffer from hypothermia.

You may tremble or even tremble. It happens just like with humans and is one of the first signs your pet shows up to indicate that it’s cold.

Gathers up, walks tired or slow. Depending on this, you may also have slower breathing. Animals make donuts to regulate their body temperature and thus generate heat.

– Barking and crying can warn you that your pet is cold. If your dog is uncomfortable, he may try to let you know by whining, whining or barking.

-Nose or ears. If his skin is dry or if he feels very cold when you touch his nose, this is another clear sign that your puppy has a cold. Also, if the ears are especially cold around the corners, this indicates that he is also cold.

It is also important to put Solutions to prevent your dog from suffering from low temperatures. One of these solutions is avoid going for walks early and late in the day because they are usually the coldest moments.

The minimum temperature your dog can withstand

As we mentioned earlier a dog can withstand significant changes in temperature but it will also vary depending on the size or breed of each dog as there are those who are very ready to withstand these changes. For example, a husky can withstand temperatures down to -40ºC, while a Chihuahua can have serious problems in temperatures of around 5ºC.

When it comes to size, as a general rule, larger dogs tend to have more fat and therefore withstand lower temperatures better. General Directorate of Animal Rights Posted on social media graphic Prepared by veterinarians at Tufts University. where you can see the temperature dogs can withstand depending on their size.

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