this is the only legal v16 emergency light

this is the only legal v16 emergency light

Recently, the General Directorate of Traffic DGT wanted to draw attention to the V16 emergency lights that the triangles will make to fulfill the task they had previously undertaken. However, different models have been released that look like these lights but do not comply with regulations.

Not all v16 lights are the same… not legal either

We know; It is never certain when the car will leave us lying down. Because either a used vehicle or newer, nothing can save you from an emergency. It is a fairly common condition and one that you may have discovered along the way.

To keep yourself safe in these unpredictable situations, it will be very helpful for you to learn about the new emergency lights that everyone is talking about, including DGT (Traffic General Directorate). In fact, it is the road agent who takes care of them.

As such, we are talking about the v16 light signal, which is an emergency light approved for use by DGT last year, only approved models. It does the same to increase security more effective signal that own road marking triangles. Again; As the organization warns, what we will see will not all be the same…

Must be approved and connected to DGT 3.0.

Suppose; It’s true what you can hear: The v16 emergency light won’t be mandatory until January 1, 2026, because it’s been approved for use with emergency triangles by the same date. Anyway, since that approval in July 2021 these are now freely available.

However, it is also useful to know the feature they have, which is that while you may find similarities between some of the market, there should be legal and regulatory ones. confirmed and connectedespecially the DGT 3.0 real-time information access point.

In this sense, we refer to what is what. yellow or orange illuminated sign, with a flashing light used to signal a vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident. The V16 emergency light is mainly characterized by its easy operation and quick placement, in addition to its long range so that the damaged vehicle can be seen from a great distance by other drivers.

This allows affected or nearby vehicles to position and illuminate this v16 light to issue a warning. help flash signal and thus warns other drivers to slow down.

Danger of fines: up to 200 euros

The best part about this system is that you can put it in without having to get out of the car. Just to lower the window and put it on top, because it’s magnetic and holds the sheet tightly. For this reason, and as the DGT itself explains, it is mandatory to carry it since July 2021. one of two systems emergency signal: V16 or triangles.

We can carry warning triangles in our vehicle, but before we set off to place them, we must take into account that we need to wear a reflective vest to make ourselves more visible on the road and not be crushed. Thus, in one situation or another, the penalty for not correctly placing triangles or light panels as v16 emergency lights can be increased. up to 200 euros.

To ensure we have an approved V16 light, we must ensure that the mark meets a number of specifications that will be up to date with regulations. The light must have a clearly visible and indestructible certification code: LCOE XXXXXXXXXG1 or IDIADA PC XXXXXXXX. This code would have the approval date and serial number instead of the letter x. It should emit a flash of light of at least 8 degrees, always in yellow, 360 degrees horizontally and vertically up and down.

That’s when the DGT warns: “Citizens who buy an unapproved and UNCONNECTED device should know that they will have to do this. make a new purchase The device in question connected with DGT 3.0 will be mandatory (January 2026)”, DGT made a statement and clarified on its social networks.

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