Zaragoza is hosting the only pet-only market this weekend

Zaragoza acoge este fin de semana el único mercado dedicado exclusivamente a las mascotas

single market for Zaragoza Next weekend dedicated to pets Enrique Coca’s old factory. this Pet Market collect 20 participants of the animal world from different points Spain they will show furniture, accessories, decoration, fashion, illustrations, food and animal entertainment suggestions. Visitors will also find a photo space and a solidarity spot, as well as a meeting to talk about dog training, medical alert dogs, talks about beauty and health in animals, and the death of pets.

over 300,000 dogs Aragon mark this very special event in red on the calendar Zaragoza market for pets. Pet Market Zgz only has contributors with articles specific to animals. In most cases they handmade accessoriesSuch as coats for dogs from La Huellita Artesana, personalized drawings by Begu Dibuja and also ice cream for dogs from Pupukis Food, furniture and accessories for cats from Toca Madera Cats, different recommendations for greyhounds, natural food. Stuffed amigurumis from Naturgold or Lana y Pelo, among many other offers. On the other hand, Travelguau will distribute its guides for free pet friendly be able to organize excursions with your pet and thanks to Zaragoza Town Hall Refillable bottles will be provided to clean the dog’s feet.

Pet Market Zgz 2022 Poster PET MARKET ZGZ

4 organized talks

  • medical alert dogs: If you have epilepsy or diabetes, or if a relative has any of these typologies, the Canem FoundationA talk about medical alert dogs at 12 noon on Saturday and how they can help better manage these diseases. Or if you want to present yourself as a foster family during the puppy’s training, they will tell you the dynamics of this beautiful option.
  • Beauty and health: If you are interested in your dog’s beauty without forgetting his health, Laura from Layka Canine Beauty Salon will give a talk about her health on Saturday at 18:00. skin problems of our animalsotitis media, oral hygiene and how to treat these problems and maintain proper hygiene on a daily basis.
  • death of our animal: We don’t forget what happened. old or recently deceased animalsAnimal Death Cafe also prepared a colloquium for them on Saturday at 20:00 to talk about the deaths of animals.
  • walking with your dog: Whatever interests you andlearn more about your dog’s behaviorEn Clave de Can will present a free talk entitled ‘Walking with your dog’ on Sunday at 11.30am.

But if you want to have a photo shoot with your pet, photographer Sheila de la Vara there will be a photography area where you can have a photo session christmas photos There is also the option of being a Supporter with a pet and therefore the guardian AMAR (Rescue Godmothers Association) will sell it. solidarity calendars 2023 To cover the expenses of the collected animals.

Place, time and date

Pet Market Zgz will take place at Enrique Coca’s former factory. St Paul’s street, 59Saturday 26 November 11:00-15:00 and 17:00-21:00 and 27 November Sunday and Sunday 11:00-15:00 and 17:00-20:00 Admission is free, and admission to talks is free until full capacity is reached.

Pet Market Zgz is an initiative of Your Dog is Welcome. a Zaragoza company and StartUp between University of Zaragoza Starting its journey in 2019 and creating a network of organizations that allow dogs entry, as well as conducting experiences with dogs, Your dog can accompany you in activities such as tastings and museum visits.Dissemination of towns and workshops in Aragon as well as acts of solidarity and tourist attractions where your dog is welcome.

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