7 towns in Asturias for a rural house weekend

7 towns in Asturias for a rural house weekend

Explore stunning landscapes, enjoy the best gastronomy and stay in cottages with the most beautiful views of mountains and valleys, this is what awaits you in this getaway. Asturias.


Declared a Historic-Art Area, Tazones is a small fishing village located in the municipality of Villaviciosa, in the heart of the Cider District of the Principality of Asturias.  Despite its small size, there are many must-see attractions, among which the magnificent city complex stands out.  It is divided into the San Roque and San Miguel neighborhoods.  In addition, the popular maritime farm, made of wood and equipped with wonderful colors, is particularly noteworthy.  Among the sailor's houses in Tazones, the Casa de las Conchas, whose facade is completely covered with shells, stands out.
Among the sailor’s houses in Tazones, the Casa de las Conchas, whose facade is completely covered with shells, stands out.
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Falling in love with Carlos V when he first came to the Peninsula, this small town will seduce you too. It is located near the Villaviciosa estuary. It is a perfect residential area to enjoy the peace of pure nature.. And of course, we are sure you will give a good account of the fine gastronomy in the form of delicious fish and shellfish accompanied by a delicious cider. While admiring the colorful fishermen’s houses, you will feel what it’s like to be disconnected while taking quiet walks in the streets accompanied by the scent of the sea.

can you stay at Les Mestes, a rural complex it consisted of several independent flats that used to be cider presses (where apples were crushed to make cider). €24 per person and night.


Beautiful cemetery and church on the beach of Asturias, Niembro, Asturias, Spain
View of the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores church with its cemetery above the sea
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This little postcard seaside town with terraced houses is one of the most beautiful cities in Asturias, if not one of the most popular. You will spend a weekend in the wild nature environment. And if you love the beach any time of the year, Niembro can boast of having two of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias.: Torimbia beach and Toranda beach. One of the most interesting places is the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores church with its cemetery on the sea. You will be shocked to discover it at high tide, when the water surrounds the two buildings. And if Niembro is a summertime destination with lots of charm, the atmosphere that awaits you when the cold hits is very special.

you can stay inside Country House Pura Rivera, It consists of two houses built on stone and wood in accordance with the architecture of the region. And best of all, Picos de Europa, about 500 meters away, overlooks the Ría de Niembro and Toranda beach. From €23 person and night.


Pilgrims passing through the historic center of Salas.
The historic center of Salas.
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about one of the best preserved medieval cities in Asturias, with a rich historical heritage. And that’s not the only thing that will grab your attention. As you walk you will discover the impressive homes that Indian families built after making America. Of course you will find other pilgrims as well, as this town is located on the primeval Camino de Santiago route. The best thing Salas has is Plaza el Ayuntamiento. And around it, three of the main monuments: Tower, Valdés-Salas Palace and Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor.

In addition to the region’s famous fabada, try one of the most typical desserts of Asturias, originating from Salas here. Professor’s Carajitosr is made of hazelnut.

you can stay dream housecountry hotel It is led by two pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. The complex also includes a restaurant and a hostel for pilgrims, all with views of the Salas mountains and the surrounding meadows. €65 double room/night.


Cudillero panoramic.
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It will not be difficult to imagine walking up and down the steep streets of this city, which is considered the most charming town on the Spanish coast. The harbour, with its maritime atmosphere, the viewpoint route or its houses perched on the slopes, Cudilleros embodies the beauty of the Asturias landscape in an unprecedented way. You will be fascinated by its fame and enchanted by its many charms.

Of course, Cudillero will also enjoy its exquisite cuisine. to taste delicious Curadillo, a fish with a strong flavor dried in the sun and wind without the use of any salting and seasoning. It is eaten dry or cooked with potatoes and beans. Or Hake tripe, popularly known as Buchos.

Recommend to stay cottagean Asturian house stone, detached garden and parking. 23 € per person and night (approx.)


Asturias is full of natural landscapes, Taramundi is one of them.
Asturias is full of natural landscapes, Taramundi is one of them.
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This town in the interior of Asturias looks like something out of a fairy tale. If your goal is to disconnect and recharge your batteries, you couldn’t have picked a better place. Here, silence and nature prevail. It doesn’t take long to see everything on a tour of the town. In the center is the church of San Martín, which at night permeates the area with magic. But you still need to walk, breathe healthy air and explore the environment. And here other surprises will arise: in a corner of the city, about a five-minute walk, archaeological excavations Os CastrosOne of the principality’s most important castros. And less than half a kilometer away, you can enjoy the enclave. Largest number of mills in Spain. They are located in Mazonovo, on the banks of the Turía and Cabreira a place of immense beauty.

you can stay Lexa Homes (Village of Vega de Zarza) It is located 1 km from the town of Taramundi and in a beautiful valley where the Turia river passes. These are two houses that have been restored with the taste of the past. The price of the house for 4 people is 115€/day.


Luarca Port.
Luarca Port.

In a perfect symbiosis of sea and mountains, wonderful views and plenty of tranquility await you in this Asturian town. Luarca can boast of having one of the most important historic ports in Asturias. Its rich heritage includes the ruins of a castle, the parish church of Santa Eulalia or the Virgen de la Blanca hermitage. This elegant villa should be explored on foot. One of the most fascinating places is the Pescadería neighborhood, with its narrow streets and slopes.. From here you can head to the El Chano viewpoint, where the most beautiful panoramic view of Luarca awaits you. Recommend to enjoy the weekend in this fishing village. pacho housea traditional Asturias mansion, next to the beach and mountains, stone and more than two centuries old. from €25 person/night (approx.)


Sotres village in the fog between the mountains in Asturias, Spain
The town of Sotres among the foggy and mountains, Asturias
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For an authentic mountain vacation where you feel out of the world, there is no place like the highest town in Asturias. A mysterious place with a very cool climate and, above all, one of the most beautiful views of our country awaits you.

You will see it as a place anchored in time with its stone-walled, red-roofed houses in the middle of a mountain architecture. You have a whole weekend of fun ahead of you. enjoy the scenery, recharge your batteries, use walking routes and also give a good account of the gastronomy. You are in the land of Cabrales cheese. In fact, Sotres is famous for having numerous natural caves for the ripening of this cheese. Recommend to stay the valleyu hutWith unrivaled views of the Picos de Europa. From €31 person/night.

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