“At Agrocampo we want to promote responsible pet ownership”: David Rodríguez

"At Agrocampo we want to promote responsible pet ownership": David Rodríguez

According to David Rodríguez, Agrocampo is the only company in the veterinary and pet industry with a distribution center that distributes to 99% of the Colombian region.

According to David Rodríguez, Agrocampo is the only company in the veterinary and pet industry with a distribution center that distributes to 99% of the Colombian region.

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Agrocampo celebrated its 43-year history, how much has it evolved and what were the main obstacles to it?

The company was born out of our need to meet the final customer of livestock across the country. As time went on we started to start new business units, one of which and one that has become very important is everything related to animals, especially pets.

A purely human vision has always guided a company like Agrocampo. Therefore, we believed that the approach to pets or production animals should be something very human.

Speaking of animals, what importance and role do they play in the company?

Animals come into human life to participate as a company today and because of the way the world moves. We’ve seen that people don’t decide to be alone, to have children, and it’s the pet, say, who starts to take on that kind of role in the family. And at Agrocampo we want to improve the lives of these pets and of course their owners.

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How much has this market changed in Colombia after the pandemic?

What has happened in the pandemic is that many people have been left completely alone and therefore they have started looking for a solution that will take them away from loneliness. That’s when everything about the pet market exploded.

So people looked for ways to share more with their pets, buy new toys, began to delve deeper into what is good for them, what food is best, why they act in different ways, among which Agrocampo plays a very important role. important because he was responsible for bringing the necessary elements to make life with these pets much more enjoyable.

It may seem like the economy is entering a recession point right now, but the importance this pet market has is hard to impress.

What sets Agrocampo apart from other companies in the market?

The most important thing for us is to communicate key ideas by creating content that brings people and pets closer together. For example, Agrocampo has a blog dedicated to how to face any situation with these animals.

Our idea is not to create a sale, but to create responsible pet ownership. That customers buy things that can truly meet their pet’s needs, of course they understand their economic possibilities.

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What kind of customers does Agrocampo target?

We have learned to address different types of products for all kinds of needs, always thinking about quality. What do I mean? A tier 1 person does not have to buy or acquire shoddy goods just because they are at that level, this is something we are very clear and concise at at Agrocampo. All our suppliers have products of the highest quality, whatever their economic value.

Since we are talking about suppliers, Agrocampo has a market with Colombian and international products…

Yes, of course, 25 years ago, we opened the door to the whole import issue at the national level in the sector. We were the first to bring lines from different parts of the world to start amortizing the costs of national and international products.

We have more than 40 suppliers worldwide and we are also committed to the Colombian market. Thus, the customer can find a wide variety when purchasing.

What about social responsibility in the field of livestock?

We support anything related to responsible ownership in this area; for example, how people can produce sustainable livestock on their farms.

We don’t want people to stop raising cattle or quit their jobs, rather they are starting to understand the importance of trees and everything related to grass-fed cattle raising so we can find better ways without harming nature. environment. environment.

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What about your social work?

Fundación Mia is fully supported by Agrocampo. We took care to sponsor food, health, wellness, vaccination and sterilization days. Mia has over 450 dogs and we don’t want them to be adopted but we want to honor their lives.

The subject of the honor is closely related to Agrocampo, take a look at their social networks…

I believe that companies like Agrocampo are needed all over the world that need help. We have demonstrated the need to help others, pets and the environment by having clear and clean production lines. What is needed is a matter of awareness. And yes, that’s why we don’t sell products on our social networks, we educate people.

And the company’s future plans?

The founders of the company have always had a very clear saying: being a leader is not difficult, staying is complicated. This is our dream: to continue to influence people in a positive way and at the same time convey an image of love and social responsibility in order to remain one of the best in Colombia.

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