Biosca, alleged author of biggest ‘crypto scam’ investigated by Justice, appears dead

Biosca, alleged author of biggest 'crypto scam' investigated by Justice, appears dead

Javier Biosca, main person investigated for alleged cryptocurrency fraud processed by the Algorithms business group investigated by the National Court, turned out dead in Estepona.

Police resources to EL ESPAÑOL, crypto broker It sprang from the balcony of the fifth floor of a hotel in the city of Malaga. Especially in luxury urbanization Roman Valley.

The exact causes of death, which currently occurred around eleven o’clock on Tuesday morning, are unknown.

[El juez rechaza el palacio en ruinas que el supuesto ‘cripto-estafador’ Biosca presentó como fianza]

Biosca was released for three weeks after securing the one million euro bail requested by its owner. No. 1 Central Education CourtAlejandro Abascal.

this national audience Investigating cryptocurrency scams allegedly committed by Algorithms Group is a company managed by Biosca. In his statement before the judge, he said that he had no intention of defrauding anyone.

The facade of the National Court.

The facade of the National Court.


In this case, the victim’s wife and sons are also accused. All of them for the same crimes, including money laundering, fraud, falsification of documents and embezzlement.

Association of People Affected by Cryptocurrency Investments, headed by a lawyer Emilia Zaballosrepresents more than 700 people affected in this process. It is also available in other similar situations.

Via a letter to which EL ESPAÑOL had access, this accusation prompted the Court to request a medical death certificate and suffered a stroke. cremation of the corpse until he was subjected to an autopsy explaining the cause of death.

The document also highlights the alleged “threats” that Biosca may suffer from criminal groups with whom it will be linked through its crypto businesses.

800 million

Attorney Emilia Zaballos The so-called pyramid scam of more than 800 million euros It is managed by Biosca and this will be the largest amount committed in Spain via virtual currencies.

Last June, Biosca tried to provide the Palacio de Pendueles as a guarantee. It is a dilapidated Asturian mansion from the late 19th century. As EL ESPAÑOL moved forward, the judge denied it.

Pendueles Palace.

Pendueles Palace.


Finally, last October, he offered, through a new guarantor, one million euros in cash that allowed him to regain his temporary freedom. The amount in question was requested by the prosecutor’s office. The Public Ministry considered this “proportionate” to ensure that the accused did not flee Spain.

Criminal Procedure Law (LECrim), in article 115 “The criminal case ends with the death of the offender.” However, economic liability can still be demanded from the heirs through legal means.

The Association of People Affected by Investing in Cryptocurrencies learned of Biosca’s death this Tuesday morning through a Costa del Sol resident, one of the alleged victims of the scam, EL ESPAÑOL learned. Rumor in one of the channels that Zaballos maintains with his customers.

In a short time, the lawyer and his team consulted the defense lawyers of the accused. king of cryptocurrenciesand they also contacted Biosca’s son.

According to sources consulted, it was the latter who confirmed it was true that his father had died. He also explained that the victim’s wife was taken to the hospital as a result of the shock created by the events.

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