Cáceres appreciates the work of the director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in combating gender-based violence

Cáceres appreciates the work of the director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in combating gender-based violence


The Cáceres Women’s Sectoral Council has unanimously decided to award the 25N award for the second time to José María Montero, director of the Cáceres Forensic Medicine Institute (IML), for his commitment to combating gender-based violence. for their efforts to improve care for victims in the different processes they have to go through.

Due to her responsibility at IML, Montero is in constant contact with victims of gender-based violence, where she seeks to simplify bureaucratic procedures and improve disclosure conditions in police and judicial centers so that they do not have to relive their situation. every time they tell

For these and other reasons, the Women’s Sector Board, which represents political groups, trade unions and social groups, decided to give her the 25N Award, the first of which was given to the President of the Supreme Court last year. Justice of Extremadura (TSJEx), María Félix Tena.

Montero will receive the award at the Cáceres City Council General Assembly next Thursday, as part of the events held in the city on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, commemorated in November. 25.

Regarding this fact, María José Pulido, Member of the Women’s Council and spokesperson for the local government, stated that the Office of Equality has attended more than 500 women so far this year; 100 women received treatment in psychological care; and nearly 100 applications were processed for comprehensive recovery assistance.

At the last meeting of the Gender-Based Violence Table, held on 8 November, it was learned that 183 women, 3 of whom were at high risk and 36 of whom were at medium risk, had a protection order in Cáceres. In 2022, there were a total of 142 new complaints of sexist violence, 54 restraining order violations, and 13 women have the Attention and Protection for Victims of Gender Violence (Atenpro) phone service, while 4 men live with a controller. their movements.

For all these reasons, Pulido justified the need to continue celebrating 25N because “violence against women is a structural problem that requires the participation of the whole community to eradicate it.” Likewise, the legislator warned of the denial of “certain social and political groups that question gender-based violence and influence, particularly among young people.”

“25N is the most relevant day on all people’s calendars, because gender violence is a primary issue that affects 51% of the population and has social, political, economic consequences and causes serious harm to people and democracy itself.”


So on the occasion of 25N, the city council of Cáceres and various organizations in the city organized an agenda with various actions under the name ‘Cáceres without violence against women’, which was approved by the Women’s Sectoral Council.

Regarding the activities organized by the City Council Equality Office, they started the Estremadura University Faculty of Teachers yesterday with the establishment of the Purple Information Point ‘Trafficking women for sexual exploitation’ on Monday morning.

They will continue with the delivery of the 25N award to José María Montero on Thursday, 24th and corporate action will take place on Friday, 25th with the reading of the manifesto prepared by the Women’s Sector Council and a minute of silence at the main meeting. The door of the town hall at 12:00.

Plants will also be delivered by the Talher park and garden concessionaire, and purple ribbons will be delivered by Fundación Secretariado Gitano’s Cali program. A Violet Point will be installed in Plaza Mayor from 18:00 to 20:00.

In November and December, an awareness campaign is carried out at bus stops with the message ‘For a Cáceres Free from Violence against Women’. And on Friday, December 2nd, a collective mapping workshop and ‘Cáceres safe city’ discussion table will be held in the Moctezuma neighborhood to identify “black spots” that could cause insecurity in the city.

Likewise, until 30 November, the Equality and Against Gender Violence III. Time has been opened for the submission of works to the Video Contest.

Organized by Casa de la Mujer, on Thursday 24th, IES El Brocense students’ gender-based violence; and a ‘Everybody Owes’ video forum on Friday, December 2nd. The Extremadura Human Rights Association (Adhex) is holding the conference ‘Young people and violence: prevention and good practices’, which will continue on Tuesday.

The Women’s Foundation held a Stand Up Against street harassment at its city headquarters on Friday 25th; The Government Sub-delegation scheduled a conference on Thursday 1 December on the rights of foreign women victims of sexist violence; and the Official Conservatory of Music will present a recital from the composition class at Muñoz Torrero University Dormitory on Friday, 25th at 7:00 pm.

And the Women’s Platform for Equality called for a demonstration that, on Friday the 25th, left the musical realm on Paseo Cánovas at 18:00 and arrived at the Plaza Mayor, where María José Pulido invited all citizens to attend.

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