Compromís Alfafar brings before the Ombudsman the consulate’s refusal to host days of historical memory

Compromís Alfafar lleva ante el Síndic la negativa del consistorio a acoger las jornadas de memoria histórica

Compromís por Alfafar, through its councilor and spokesperson Amàlia Esquerdo, filed a complaint with the Ombudsman for the Alfafar City Council government team’s refusal to leave municipal areas for the celebration of the exhibition and the cycle of Historical Memory and the Alfafar Democratic Conference. . The Assemblyman requested the reasoning and the relevant file via electronic office and they did not respond within the time specified by the Law before deciding to file a complaint with this advisory body.

“The Joan Peset y Aleixandre Society seemed very interesting and necessary when we learned that various experts and prestigious researchers from the town of Alfafar organized this event based on rigor, discussion and scientific knowledge. There has never been such an event before. A similar event was held in the town with this theme. Of course we collaborated to present one of the conferences requested of us.. We find it unfortunate that the exhibition and some of the conferences are held outside the municipality due to the availability of municipal spaces in Alfafar.. Thanks to the cooperation of the associative fabric of the town, others were able to be realized here,” explains Amalia Esquerdo.

On 30 June, the local investigative group headed by JJosep Baixauli, former socialist mayor of Alfafar and professor at the University of Valencia, and Josep María Tarazona, president of l’Institut d’Estudis Comarcals de l’Horta Sud, demanded municipal areas, Specifically the plenary room and Ventura Alabau room for a democratic memory conference, which includes an exhibit on Franco’s oppression in the town, as well as various speeches by experts in the field such as Vicente Gavarda or Wilson Ferrus. then the negative, the organizers They searched for space in the region on their own, non-municipal, that succeeded Alfafar Music Education Center will host four conferences, they were therefore promptly greeted by the socialist mayor Eva Sanz and had to go to Benetússer for the remaining two talks and exhibitions.

The exhibition on the Francoist edition of Alfafar can be seen at El Molí de Benetússer. L-EMV

a decision that was not understood by the opposition of the Alfafar City Council formed byr PSPV, Compromís and Unides Podem spokespersons participated in the talks as moderators. The conferences were presented by Rosa Pérez, Minister of Democratic Memory, as the ministry was one of the collaborators.

Amalia Esquerdo from Compormís with organizers Josep Mª Tarazona and Joan J. Baixauli and speaker Vicente Gavarda. L-EMV

After informing the municipality of its refusal to hand over the municipal areas, Compromís filed the request electronically. “The reason for Adsuara’s refusal has been explained to us, The mayor of Alfafar and the file or report supporting this denial. A set period of one month has passed and neither a call has been made nor, of course, no answer”, pEnala Esquerdo..

From the Valencia formation they confirm: It is not the first time that legal deadlines have been extended in response to information requests.. “We’ve tried to resolve this through dialogue, many times without success, but in this case it seems to us that we need to get some attention, because There are Transparency Law, Local Regime Law and Historical Memory Law that must be followed. among other things.”

One of the speeches given in the days of Alfafar’s democratic memory. L-EMV

But they acknowledge from the opposition group that what worries them most is that this attitude could be replicated here or in any other municipality. He We public administrations must cooperate and support the much-needed democratic memory policies”.

Baixauli ends days of oppression of Alfafar women

This Thursday, the 23rd, the days of Alfafar’s democratic memory will bring the curtain down with the conference on “” by Joan José Baixauli, the former socialist mayor of Alfafar.Francoist oppression of Alfafar women” at the Xapa center in Benetússer. The conference began with the opening of the exhibition on 18 October. “The Francoist edition of Alfafar” in Benetússer’s “El Molí” Exhibition Hall. Joan Josep Baixauli was also responsible for the opening of the series of lectures with «.40 years to Alfafar and the results of the new regime ».. The remaining four were held at the Alfafar Music Education Center with a large influx of people. They went to those who dealt with topics such as «.1940s edition in l’Horta”, by Vicente Gabarda Cebellán, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Valencia; «Metge Àngel Payà Espinos. Public and political life at Alfafar» by Josep Mª Tarazona Mas; «National mestre depurats from Amparo Navarro Giner and Alfafar and Llocnou de la Corona», Wilson Ferrús Peris, professor of Historical Foundations of Education at the University of Valencia; Y”Historical Memory in l’actualitat: Pattern Fosses and the right to Justice”, Amparo Belmonte, head of the Pit Platform.

“Because just at a time when some insist on denying or blocking this work in order to restore memory, it is most necessary to value it. Knowing our history means that so many people and Keep working to build a free society that knows its past, knows where it came from and where it wants to go.“, they conclude from Compromís Alfafar.

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