Diputacion de Cadiz,…

Diputacion de Cadiz,...

The head of the Cádiz Provincial Assembly, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix, announced that the state agency will take legal action against the Andalucía Junta on two issues, following a meeting with the Minister of Justice, Local Government and Public Function José Antonio. Nieto is not recognized by the autonomous government.

On the one hand, paying the rent The “occupation” of the Palace that housed the Provincial Court in Cádizand on the other hand, the assumption of extra costs of materials Agricultural Employment Promotion Program (PFEA) studies.

Ruiz Boix has warned about these conditions in recent weeks, but again after the failed meeting with Nieto last Monday afternoon, according to the Cadiz PSOE’s general secretary, he took an “irreconcilable” and “wrong” stance and given that “the Board’s spirit of cooperation, collaboration and corporate loyalty.” is not enough”, announced that legal action has been taken to “defend the rights of the residents of the province”.

Accusing Ruiz Boix of “non-cooperation”, the ministry insisted that “we will continue to work with the best will and best possible attitude for dialogue” as the goal and determination is to “start the City”. Justice of Cádiz”, a project in which the head of the State Council was invited to participate.

A “rotten” 2008 deal

At the meeting, Ruiz Boix reminded Nieto of the status of the Provincial Court building, which currently belongs to the Provincial Assembly, as per an exchange agreement between the two administrations regarding the City of Justice construction project in Cádiz.

According to this agreement signed in 2008, “Diputación transferred to the Junta de Andalucía some of the lands located between Brunete, Tolosa Latour and Granja San Indefonso streets”. “The plot of 8,388 square meters and worth 3,047,149.62 euros would house the future headquarters of the Cádiz courts, as envisioned by the regional government at that time. On the site of the State Court, which at that time belonged to the Junta, the City of Justice was built over a four-year period. and the State Court transferred it to its new location, the full use of this property with the idea that the Provincial Assembly could “transfer Diputación.

Ten years later, Ruiz Boix thinks “the project on Brunete street has been rejected”. “The Undersecretary’s statements show that when the courthouse complex was built it would be in the old Tabacalera warehouses, and thus the spirit of the agreement was completely broken. Now the Board has an illegal occupation of the Las Calesas building and is the property of the Brunete region; therefore, the two assets are in his hands and in the Cádiz County Council, due to the deterioration of the interests of our heritage. “We do not own any of the assets that are the subject of the barter: neither we have surrendered, nor should we theoretically receive,” he said.

More than 3 million rents unpaid by the Board to the City Council in ten years

Therefore, Ruiz Boix returned to demand payment of the rent for the State Court building. More than 3 million euros, ie the sum of 313,735.32 euros per year (26,144.61 euros per month), which the County Council estimates “has not taken to lease the building in the last ten years”. He also offered to cancel the swap and take back the property that was the subject of the contract, in addition to the ten years’ rent for each establishment.

But Nieto, chairman of the Provincial Assembly, says he maintains “an inaccurate reading, which I think is inaccurate.” “The purpose of the exchange was not to favor one administration over another, as it is today. What the Undersecretary wanted is to maintain this irregularity, this use in which there is only one beneficiary, namely the Board, which is clearly injured. The party that is the Cádiz State Council,” he assured.

Boix suggested that his intention was to “use this amount to launch an employment plan next year to offer youth in the state their first job opportunity.”

The contract in question “continues to be valid and valid”, the fourth article of which is “clear”, according to the legal entity: “Autónoma de Andalucía, which the Board plans to build in Cádiz after the four-year period specified in the second paragraph and in the event of the establishment of the new judicial center of the Board, is a part of the public service any amount of Cádiz in such a concept that it is not available for use, this lease contract will be extended until the moment when the judicial organs are transferred to the new headquarters without the right of the county council”.

The ministry insisted that we “will continue to work with the best will and the best possible attitude for dialogue, because of purpose and commitment” Cadiz City of Justice“, a project in which the chairman of the Provincial Assembly was invited to participate.

The Board assured that it “meticulously fulfilled” the contract, in an effort that “will mean allocating more than 60 million for the benefit of Cádiz and its jurisdictions so that they have the City of Justice they deserve.”

Additional material costs for the Agricultural Employment Promotion Program (PFEA)

Another point of friction is over the funding of the Agricultural Employment Promotion Program (PFEA). Here, the Ministry recalled the purpose of this plan, “which, as the name suggests, is not the financing of construction materials, but the promotion of employment in the rural world”.

Thus the Junta’s commitment to it has been affected because each of the increases made by the central government has been assumed at the same rate and we will continue to do so because it is agreed. ” In line with this commitment, the Board increased its contribution to the program from 54.5 million euros in 2020 to 62.6 million euros in 2022.

Also, the Nieto Ministry advocated “to start a discussion and face comprehensive reform in this program for the future”. Likewise, he reminded that a contract was signed with eight assemblies for the year 2022, with previously agreed amounts.

PFEA is a program co-financed by three administrations: the State, the Board and the councils. These last two subsidize the amount resulting from the application of 45% to the state application, of which 75% corresponds to the Board and the remaining 25% to the assemblies.

Ruiz Boix, on the other hand, reiterated against the Board his claim to assume his share of the estimated increase in the cost of works in the province of 1.3 million euros. The President considers that, according to the initial distribution of participation of each of the respective administrations, 75 percent of this amount (one million euros) should be financed by the “autonomous administration and the remaining 300,000 euros by the Provincial Assembly: Government of Spain, which contributed 19.4 million euros, Junta de Andalucía —6.5 million—and Diputación —2.2 million euros—”.

“The consultant’s response is to shrug their shoulders and say that the work is not done in its entirety or will be done within the time the delivered material allows,” he said. “This is due to the state’s lack of co-operation in responding to its neighbors,” Ruiz Boix argues, suggesting that the Provincial Council “will condemn the breach of contract before the County Court.”

With regard to PFEA, “by reporting the problem to the Spanish Government we will begin to seek funding first from the Board”, while the legal services of the Provincial Assembly will also defend the interests of the provincial administration “so we assume Millions of euros and it is not about us, it will be defended when necessary and this is also It will definitely be seen in the courts of justice,” he said.

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