Do pets play an important role in family love? – SALAMANCArtv UPDATED

Do pets play an important role in family love?  - SALAMANCArtv UPDATED

In this article, we will examine the issue from a psychological point of view, only to examine the myths and fantasies that confirm the educational and playful benefits for the children that make up the family, the emotional benefits for the family group, first of all owning a pet, dog or cat.

The phenomenon of integrating a pet into the family has become so prevalent in Spain in recent years that according to the latest reliable statistics provided by the Veterinary Societies, there were 20 million dogs in Spain in 2017, out of a total population of 47 million. residents; that is, five years ago there was already one dog for every two residents. These crucial numbers show that the reasons that drive us humans to live with or care for a pet touch fundamental aspects of personality and emerge across vast strata of the population.

But at the same time, the enormous differences in the treatment of dogs from some families or owners to others are so great that we must conclude that the dog or pet has become an object of extreme affection within the family. : idealizations, “loves”, rejections, violence, abandonment… So, The emotional characteristics of each family will largely determine what emotions the dog will evoke within him and what his behavior will be in large part.. The fact of the adoption or adoption of a dog will not change anything fundamental to the emotions that occur in the family group (sensitivity, joy, aggression, absence or presence of responsibility), except for children, where the pet will give them the opportunity to express their emotions more spontaneously.

The idea that the dog or cat will enrich or even improve the emotional relationships of the family group is an illusion, the product of bad literature or faulty pedagogical or psychological approaches. Well, playing with a dog or cat for a while is one thing, it’s usually pleasant (and therefore we tend to repeat play or caress), and something very different is that our pet has some therapeutic properties that treat or alleviate. our sadness or oppression; Pretending to be so would be like wanting to fill the empty vessel with water, wishing it to be full.

In summary, owning, caring for, and living with a pet provides a number of advantages that justify the benefits for the family, such as small and positive experiences for children, playing, learning in relation to other species, taking on small responsibilities. pets and children from seeing you as “another member” of the family.

But if someone is looking for the role of savior of their loneliness, suffering, or emotional void in their pet, they are mistaken in their search. There are so many differences in development between animal and human that there should be a minimal “dialogue” or exchange of services, beyond what the basic aspects of life and cartoons of our time would like to us, childhood.

And finally, although it has nothing to do with our topic today, I congratulate all musicians and Music Lovers on St. Santa Cecilia’s day by confirming that Music has positive therapeutic aspects in sickness. proven.

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