How are Michelin stars awarded to restaurants?

How are Michelin stars awarded to restaurants?

Toledo will host the Michelin Guide Gala this Tuesday, where the ‘red guide’ content will be updated with new winners of one, two or three Michelin stars. The gastronomy world awaits this event every year to find out which will be the best restaurants in the Iberian Peninsula.

Although gossip and clues are always present among chefs, journalists and gastronomy enthusiasts, as every year, the Michelin Guide continues its uncertainty and surprise effect until the moment of the award ceremony.

What sets each star of the Michelin Guide apart?

The ‘red booklet’ defines how to distinguish award-winning restaurants each year and qualifies each award differently, so that French guide users don’t get lost among so many stars.

Therefore, a one-star restaurant for Michelin is the restaurant that produces. “uan cuisine with great firmness” and “pay off”. Two stars for performers “outstanding cuisine” and “worth the detour” for that on the way. And finally, the third is reserved for the ‘macaron’. “a unique cuisine that justifies the trip” to the restaurant.

Beyond the stars, the ‘red guide’ also grants other types of rewards such as: apron gourmet Intended for restaurants that stand out for their value for money and aim for simple and skillful cooking. Also, since last year, best young chef and best culinary consultant. And since 2020, restaurants committed to sustainability have been awarded green stars.

This year, At the gala at the Palacio de Congresos ‘El Greco’ in Toledo The innovation of rewarding room services will come under the slogan “The Word is in the Room”.

How are Michelin stars awarded?

The Michelin Guide has a large team of auditors who regularly visit restaurants in Spain and Portugal to review awards or discover new businesses that deserve recognition.

One of these French guide inspectors explains on his website that they “eat as much as needed” at each restaurant to have criteria to help them decide. Finally, each inspector’s subjectivity guides, but each restaurant takes the visit of several experts to verify their knowledge of the first person to taste these dishes.

An organization that has or will have a Michelin star, four visits from the guide members. rises up to ten times if they’re restaurants that get two stars or get a second prize. And for the third time, the restaurant is visited by international inspectors, who help their usual colleagues to decide who will receive this award.

What criteria do Michelin Guide auditors follow?

as described The web portal of the Michelin Guideinspectors just look in restaurant meals. The main argument is for a business to get one, two or three stars.

The quality of the ingredients, the personality of the chef in each recipe, the presentation and preparation of gastronomic recommendations will all be factors to consider in whether a restaurant will be rewarded and put on its ‘red book’.

A Michelin star is aimed at restaurants that “use the highest quality ingredients to prepare dishes with a variety of flavors that maintain a consistently high level,” according to the inspector who answered several questions on the ‘red guide’ website.

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The second ‘macaron’ was designed for “dishes that reveal the personality and talent of the chef in a kitchen that stands out for its elegance and inspiration”. And finally, the highest award given by the Michelin Guide, “an unusual kitchen”. The third star for this ‘red guide’ inspector is reserved for the chef “who is at the peak of his career and has elevated cooking to the category of art”.

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