Pet security camera a reality: Benefits for owners’ peace of mind | Society

Pet security camera a reality: Benefits for owners' peace of mind |  Society

It’s an increasing trend lately, especially after the pandemic.

Security cameras have become more and more common in society. Whether it’s the security of the home against crime, babysitting or even the prevention of accidents for the elderly. But did you know that keeping an eye on pets is also becoming common?

And animals are no longer just seen as pets but as another member of the family, especially after that they are considered legally sensitive beings in many countries.

Also, due to the pandemic, pets have become accustomed to being with their families almost all day, so the return to normal has been a huge concern… though not just for them but for their owners as well.

This can change the pet’s behavior when alone, which can cause various problems such as breaking things and even urinating back into the house.

Aware of this, the tech world has created small devices that allow homeowners to visualize the inside and outside of the home in real time, and this will undoubtedly benefit pet lovers.

help one of them stay calm when we have a pet with health problems and staying home with them is not an option. This allows us to know if the animal ate something it shouldn’t eat that could harm it, if it’s having a seizure, or if something happens to intervene immediately.

On the other hand, if there are problems in your surroundings due to noise from pets, the camera will let you know if it’s really your pet causing the disturbance. whether the neighbors are complaining or anyone else.

A great plus of these devices is that they let you. discover new behaviors of your petyou probably haven’t seen before; as well as getting fun moments to share with your family or friends.

Finally, it will lessen the burden of guilt that some may feel compelled to leave them alone with and allow the owner to have peace of mind, rest or work quietly.

How to choose a pet camera?

by company EZVIZRecently there has been an exponential growth in the purchase of these devices by pet owners.

For them, the importance of having these cameras both indoors and outdoors is characterized by allowing real-time imaging, high-definition quality, night vision, motion detection, and internet connectivity.

For this, we tell you some of the elements that you should look at before investing:

– The quality of the video

Pets can hide or play in remote corners of the house, so it’s important to have the best possible picture quality so you can find them on the screen wherever they are.

two way communication

A call for attention is often all it takes for your pets to stop doing something they shouldn’t, and being away is an impossible task.

Some cameras have two-way communication, allowing you to call them by name or talk to the caregiver to be careful if you see them doing something wrong.

After all, it’s like a phone call.

motion detection

Many smart cameras offer motion detection as a security measure, but they can also be used to track your pets.

That’s right, you can use motion detection to determine if your pet is in a place it shouldn’t be.

Pan, tilt and zoom

Pets will not always be quiet, they will be wandering from one end of the house to the other, so it is important that the camera can move with them.

facial recognition for pets

Although designed for humans, it can also be configured for your pets, so that if the animal enters a room, it will be alerted that it is a trustworthy person and not a thief.

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