Pet theft, uncontrolled crime in CDMX

El robo de mascotas es un delito que no disminuye en la Ciudad de México; al contrario, en el último año se ha registrado un repunte

this pet theft this is a crime undiminished in Mexico City; on the contrary, there has been an increase in the last year.

According to the information received from the Attorney General (FGJ) local, more than 500 from 2018 to 2022 research folders for doing it wrong.

This contradicts the security improvements that officials have reported. mexico city stating that high impact crimes There was a decrease of up to 50 percent compared to previous years.

insurance company hello safe He did a research in 2021 and here Pets more stolen dogs and details that, according to searches recorded on the Internet, residents of the country’s capital have been interested in information about the theft of this breed since December 2018.

The study shows that around 60 complaints were filed in 2012. animal theft and for 2019 the number exceeded 100 complaints.

The information also details which dogs they have bred labrador, husky and english bulldog They are the most exposed to theft so that they can multiply, and thieves can profit from their goods. puppies.

This issue was addressed by the MP in May 2019. Mexico City Congress, Nazario Norberto Sanchezwill present an attempt to classify his crime as criminal pet abduction. Because in the early months of that year there were cases where people reported their dogs stolen and asked for money to return it.

“Whoever deprives another of his liberty for ransom, economic benefitHarming or inflicting harm on a person deprived of his liberty or on another is punished with imprisonment from forty years to sixty years and a fine from one thousand days to three thousand days.

Studies confirm that the main reason animals are stolen is for breeding and thieves can sell these offspring.


A total of 568 cases were reported from 2018 to 2022. animal theft in Mexico City, detail Crime Incidence Statistics capital FGJ.

According to the reports of the ministry body, as of 2018, animal thefts started to fall apart in crime incidence statistics.

In the same year, 119 investigation files were opened. animal theft in the city.

Only one more investigation file was reported for 2019 compared to the previous year, and the number of pet thefts was 120.

In 2020, Pandemic of the COVID-19 in Mexico and where the order of incarceration was made as a sanitary measure for protection infectionsThe number of stolen pets decreased to 107.

In 2021, the number increased compared to 2020 and there were 111 investigation files opened for pet theft.

The exact information that 111 is opened by October 2022 forensic investigations more than all of 2020 and equal to all of 2021 for the offense in question.

Currently, animal theft is not considered a crime in Turkey. Local Penal Code and authorities prosecute the act only as property theft, even though Mexico City’s Political Constitution classifies pets as sentient beings and entitled to protection.

Pet theft, no tracking

Terry, a Husky dog, was born in March 2022. balbuena colonyOffice of the mayor of Venustiano Carranza in Mexico City, when the owner goes to the store.

Alejandro García describes how he walked into a grocery store on March 15 while walking his dog. oxolocated on the street Genaro Garciaalmost corner Fernando Iglesias Calderonto buy drinks.

He says he left his dog with him. strap attached to structures placed to keep pets off-site.

“I went in and it took me no more than 15 minutes because there were too many people and one person was making a deposit. my dog ​​is very Social and noble, that is, she plays with all the people or lets her caress if they talk nice to her, and it seemed normal to me for a man to come up to her and caress her.”

He lost sight of Terry after seeing the person in the gray sweatshirt and jeans pet the dog, but Alejandro believed he was sitting back in boredom of the wait or just sticking to the wall.

However, he states that he could not find his dog when he went, and at first he believed that the dog had escaped.

“Because it’s been a long time, I wanted to think that you managed to quit and run away. I was not afraid, I looked for the surrounding blocks and couldn’t find them, so I went back to my house so that maybe I could come back alone.” but Terry did not return.

Alejandro says he left what he was buying and went looking for his dog because he thought it would. loss and he was scared: “I told a friend to go with his car and we were comfortable for about two hours but we couldn’t find him.”

The next day, he told a neighbor what had happened and told him it was probably theirs. stole your pet.

“She said she saw my dog ​​walking with someone else and that it was strange to her because the dog wanted to recognize her and stop, but this man in a black sweatshirt and jeans was running to pull her off. “My neighbor thought he had made a mistake, but when I talked to him, he told me what happened,” she says.

With that in mind, he mentions asking other neighbors and whatsapp chat if they saw their dog and the person who took it from the colony, but got no further information; however, he learned that three more pets were stolen in the area in the past months.

Around April of the current year, Alejandro public ministry to see if there is any possibility of reporting the crime, but it is very difficult to prove what happened as there is no certainty that personnel were stolen, and features so called thief.

“I don’t complain anymore, I looked for WhatsApp groups selling animals and couldn’t find it”

Alexander GarciaVenustiano Carranza resident of the mayor’s office

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