Podemos for Fachas soldiers started: look for Francoist and Nazi symbols at military collector’s fairs

Podemos for Fachas soldiers started: look for Francoist and Nazi symbols at military collector's fairs

Podemos doesn’t want to see a single Francoist, fascist or Nazi symbol. Not even at a fair of materials, collectibles and military miniatures. This was expressed in a document registered in Congress in which the communists conveyed their demands to their Governments. take immediate action to investigate a military equipment show. The war against the soldiers began.

The fair in question, to which Podemos has filed a criminal complaint, is “Not Just Militaria”. A military equipment and collectibles fair attended by the party Ione Belarra and Irene Montero seen as a dangerous source of Francoist, fascist and Nazi propaganda. a nest of hate

On the weekend of 12 and 13 November 2022, LVI Bolsa “Not Just Militaría” took place in the glass pavilion of Casa de Campo in Madrid, a military gathering fair organized by the Don Rodrigo Foundation.

And as the Podemos teams recounted, “at the fair in question, it was possible to observe, among other things, people dressed in the uniforms of the German Nazi SS platoon, an exhibition of combat weapons and minors wielding them.” And all this “seems to exceed the aggregation purposes that such an event might have, It comes to showcase the symbology associated with the hatred of the different and the planned destruction.“The communists say.

Wide acceptance since 1996

The collector’s fair describes itself on its website as: “Our foundation was a pioneer in the organization of the Bolsa de Militaría”. “The first was on September 26, 1996, and it brought together hundreds of professionals, collectors and fans of Militaria collecting in Madrid in general,” the organization adds. “The idea was so popular that we meet up with old friends and other fans every six months and we can share with them our latest achievements. Everything goes: buying, selling and exchanging all kinds of military items, from medals to uniforms, books for military vehicles, hats. , military shoes, bladed weapons, and unused ammunition offers”.

The Don Rodrigo Foundation, which is responsible for the fair, explains its mission as follows: “The Don Rodrigo Foundation for the Research and Conservation of Spanish and European Military History is a cultural and state-level foundation for the general interest. The main purpose is the study, preservation, research, cataloguing, recovery of history. to promote and develop its restoration, enrichment and dissemination. Spanish and European military history“. And “For this purpose, the Foundation will establish a museum where all kinds of artifacts and military materials bequeathed or donated by individuals and organizations or acquired by the Foundation are extracted, cataloged and exhibited. It will also encourage the publication, publication and printing of all kinds of books, articles, brochures, catalogues and magazines and other audio-visual and multimedia media (extracted from the Foundation’s charter)”.

Ask Marlaska to investigate

But all this is highly suspicious for Podemos. Communists actually want The symbols that left their mark on World War II have disappeared from the study and collection of Europe’s war history.. Everyone except the communists, of course.

And “despite all this,” Podemos asks the Ministry of Interior whether it carried out “any inspection activities in this fair so that activities contrary to the promotion of democratic values ​​and the protection of children do not take place”. He also asks the Ministry of the Interior Investigating “how these types of fairs have evolved” and asks him for information to find out if he is aware of “the possibility of acts glorifying the Nazi regime in such events, which may be contrary to our legal system.”

And of course he claims. Fernando Grande-Marlaska He knows if he will take “measures” to stop the military collectibles fair.

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