Solo Nieve 2022-2023 yearbook now on sale

Our desire to ski for another year continues. As our feet walk alone towards it, we again hear the call of the mountain whispering our name.

This call is already sounding so strong, the start of the season is almost upon us, and once again, the best way to celebrate this is to welcome it with the arrival of the season. Snow Only Yearbook 2022-2023.

You could see big changes last season because the pages no longer just contained hard material, but also tips, ski resorts and also all equipment needed for skiing.

That spirit is still alive, but its content is intriguing, reports updated. Thus, gradually, these annuals will form a complete collection of articles. help for all types of skiers, from beginners to the most experienced.

Ski Resorts, who are we without them?

ski resort opening and closing date
Sierra Nevada

Of course, these are not necessary for all winter sports. But despite that just snow Our only paper product, the annual, has been renewed to show a much wider face of the mountain. alpine skiingthe sport that gave birth to us.

the question is ski resorts are a must for alpine skiing. Few things, in our opinion, can bring the joy of skiing on a perfectly manicured slope.

That’s why Solo Nieve is once again in the 2022-2023 yearbook. A guide to ski resorts in Spain and Andorra Updated with this season’s data.

Wide selection of materials in the catalog

Test boats Tecnica Mach1 MV 105 W (2)

As every year, a very important part of this yearbook is material catalog with the novelties of this season.

Most fans enjoy seeing and reading the news even though we don’t need to refresh our kit.

But of course this section is not just there to satisfy our little fetish, it’s for anyone who really needs a gear up and wants to be well-informed before going shopping.

You will find among 164 pages of the catalog over 180 items for skiingfrom skis and boots (of course!) to clothes, helmets, goggles, gloves… everything we might need.

ultimate guide

As we mentioned above, one of the reasons for the existence of this guide is to help those who want to enjoy skiing.

Therefore, this season you will find one lots of interestsnot just about material selectionIt’s a topic we’ve covered in more detail this year. including new tipsin other very relevant aspects such as tire selection and winter driving tips.

We put the icing on the cake by providing a more traveling characters, because if there’s one thing that defines the majority of skiers, it’s that we move as much as we can. So, take a look at the offers all inclusive ski-in/ski-out hotelsthe amazing journey that takes us there Aletsch-Arena (Switzerland) or everything you need to discover Lleida Pyrenees.

Where to buy Snow Only Yearbook 2022-2023?

The first place you can find it is your usual kiosk, but if you’ve already signed up for new technologies and are more used to doing them online shoppingthen you can buy it from and we will ship it to your home.

Now we just wish you to enjoy Snow Only Yearbook 2022-2023 how much fun we had while preparing it.

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