The mayor of Marbella will not silence us no matter how much he threatens us.

The mayor of Marbella will not silence us no matter how much he threatens us.

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, was a family doctor. She left the profession in 1994. She has been in politics for almost three decades since then, and she knows she knows no other source of income other than public salaries. But during this time she managed to accumulate a personal legacy. more than 12 million euros. A large mansion on the Costa del Sol, among other properties.

Her husband, Lars Gunnar Broberg, is accused of money laundering for drug trafficking. and membership in a criminal organization –swedish mafia–. The same stepson Joakim Broberg was also investigated by the National Court (in his case, the crime of drug trafficking was added). “The city is ours, the Junta… damn Andalusia”, Joakim assured in a phone call In a court-ordered call, following the PP’s victory in the 2019 municipal elections. UDEF assures in a report that from these conversations one can deduce the “great influence” of Ángeles Muñoz’s stepson on “urban problems”. He also says this is due to “kinship relations with the Marbella councilor”.

Mayor Ángeles Muñoz is also a Senator of the People’s Party. And the fact that began publishing information about his immense legacy and the dark affairs of his closest family was enough to give him a strange blast of intimacy. A few hours later will reveal this information about its properties.Angeles Munoz He updated his statement of assets in the Senate to accept a million-dollar expansion of his assets. has not been forwarded yet.

It is understandable that the mayor of Marbella is uncomfortable with the work of No politician stuck in these puddles usually likes the press putting a magnifying glass on the mud around them. But it is unacceptable for the mayor to try to silence us or search our sources with legal threats, as Ángeles Muñoz did.

A few hours ago, a draft of a notary arrived at our office, and the Marbella City Hall asked us three things that are absolutely unacceptable: to tell them if we have documents about the mayor, and to hand it over to them – some emails contain news about his adventures, which we have already published on We have filed a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office for deleting it and not publishing any more news on this subject under a “warning of possible disclosure”. secrets”.

Our partners and readers are already imagining our response. As always. No matter how much they pressure us, no matter how much they threaten us, we will not reveal our sources, we will not give any documents that would put them at risk, and we will not remain silent. We will only post verified and accurate information that is informatively relevant. Not more. But no less.

This is not the first time we have faced the same situation. It is a threat and a crime that we, as, know very well. Disclosure of secrets: two to five years in prison.

In January 2014, it was Miguel Blesa who threatened us to demand the same from us. As president of Caja Madrid, we did not continue to publish information about your emails.. I was in line with Before Madrid’s then-prosecutor advancedManuel Moix (maybe you remember him, He was the prosecutor of choice for Ignacio González, who was accused of corruption.). Despite Blesa’s office fax and the prosecutor’s warnings, we did not give up. And thanks to this investigation, uncovered one of the most notorious corruption cases of the past decade: Scandal of black cards.

It was Cristina Cifuentes who applied to the same press tool in the spring of 2018. former president of Madrid Raquel sued Ejerique and me. to “reveal secrets”. He wanted to silence us: he wanted to cover up our investigation of the Master’s Case and the titles awarded at a public university that discovered. It was not a pleasant drink. We were charged under the threat of imprisonment for nearly two years. But in the end Justice ended up giving us the reason.

Those who threatened us again in January 2019 were the lawyers of BBVA bank and Distrito Castellana Norte company owned by San José Construction Company. via a burofax so as not to publish other compromised documents: the secret contracts of Operation Chamartín, the largest urban coup in the city of Madrid. Our answer was the same as always: silence. And the next day publish that research.

I’ve been sued dozens of times so far. A few more people were prosecuted; some touch me alone, others in the company of another journalist from This is not pleasant at all. As the Director, I personally take full legal and criminal responsibility for every news we publish on, every puddle we jump into, every news we disclose. Every year I spend more time in court, lawsuits or lawsuits by any type of person, company or institution that doesn’t like our work. Next December 20 (my birthday) I’ll have a double session: one trial at 10, another at 12. And this increasing rhythm is no exception.

It’s a disturbing pressure, the kind that keeps you awake, the kind that inevitably makes you wonder if this job is worth it. Not all citizens appreciate the result of so much effort and so many sleepless nights. Fortunately, there are those who do.

We will not be silent, of course we will not be silent. We will not give up, of course not. We won’t do that when we have tens of thousands of partners whose support helps us keep going.

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