Tips for taking our pets on a trip or vacation —

Tips for taking our pets on a trip or vacation —

It’s very common to hear phrases like “my dog” or “my cat” sound like “kid” to some people. And therefore, it is difficult to live or be without them. What should we do to take our pets on a trip or vacation? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

An important thing to keep in mind is to ask ourselves some questions and consult our veterinarian. Is our dog or cat afraid of strangers or noisy places? Do you easily adapt to new places? Can you be alone for a few hours even during a flight?

The answers to these questions will help us determine which step we should follow.

Hotels or apartments

Of course, when taking our pets on an outing, we need to find out if the hotel or apartment we’re staying at is pet-friendly and if there are any extra payments or provisions you’ve signed. In an experience at a well-known hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when we asked if the hotel was pet-friendly, the answer was no, but with some exceptions, they did accept pets and signed a hard-to-accept disclaimer:

«I undertake to compensate XXX hotels for any physical damage that may occur in the room or common areas of the hotel, or any economic damage that may occur in the hotel due to the complaints of other guests due to my presence. pet in the hotel I also accept that XXX hotels reserve their right to accept and permanence during our stay. Please note that your pet is not allowed to roam in the public areas of the hotel and should never be left alone.

Of course, if our pet causes any damage, it makes sense, as with a human, to be paid by the guest. However, the section on “the economic damage that other guests’ complaints may cause to the hotel due to the presence of a pet” is much more complex to accept.

Therefore, in order not to have a bad experience, it is necessary to discuss the conditions with the hotel or apartment in advance.


We should pay attention to the weather conditions of the place we are going to and the season we are going to. If the climate is very different from what our pet is used to, it can take a toll on their health beyond stress.

Travel time

When buying our pet, we should analyze the distance and duration of the journey, the age and health of our favorite “friend”. Not all pets tolerate travel well, and many do not respond well to change.

What actions should be taken and what should be brought

Many depend on the country of origin and destination, but it is necessary to have a veterinary passport with all the information about vaccinations and treatments, as well as a microchip and contact details, preferably with an international phone prefix.

It is necessary to prepare a first-aid veterinary kit, in which it is necessary to put diarrhea, poisoning, antipyretics, antipyretics, bandages, cotton, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, as well as antipyretic drugs, as if it were a person. The drugs we use to treat our pet with chronic disease.

Of course, check the necessary conditions and entry requirements of each country from the airline we will be traveling with.

For more information on how to travel to the United States with pets, click here.

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