What happened on November 22?

What happened on November 22?

On a day like today, November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th President of the United States, Killed during a presidential tour in Dallas Before the 1964 election, Kennedy rode with his wife, Jacqueline, in a presidential limousine to parade through the streets of the city, but shortly after starting his entourage, he fired two shots at her from the sixth floor of a building.

The president died almost instantly, and a few hours later the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, a former US Marine who lived in the Soviet Union after he had escaped, was arrested. It is still unknown why Oswald killed kennedySince he was assassinated two days after the assassination, television cameras are broadcasting his transfer from the police station live. There have been various versions possible causes of his murder, But almost 60 years later, there are many conspiracy theories circulating that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t the only one who shot, and that other people were involved in the president’s assassination.

On November 22, 1956, he The 16th Olympic Games started in Melbourne, Australia. Headed by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and with Ronald Clark, a young promise of Australian athletics who carries the Olympic torch. These games were marked by the absence of countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Spain to protest the Soviet armed intervention in Hungary, and the absence of Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq for control and ownership of the Suez Canal. However, at the close of the Olympics, 500 athletes marched in a single group under the Olympic flag and named this Olympics “Friendly Games”.

Do you want to know more? Explore the ephemeris of November 22 and find out what happens on a day like today, who was born and who died. Also, don’t miss the celebrations, today’s horoscopes and saints.

What happened on November 22?

1497: Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama cruises the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa).

1943: Lebanon gains independence from France. 1955: The USSR detonated a hydrogen bomb in Siberia.

1975: Juan Carlos I de Borbón was sworn in as King of Spain. 1977: Concorde makes its first direct flight between Paris and New York.

1990: Margaret Thatcher announces her resignation as British Prime Minister.

2000: The first “mad cow” case in Spain was detected in Galicia.

2005: The Bundestag elected conservative Angela Merkel as the new chancellor. She is the first woman to hold office in German history.

Who was born on November 22?

1901: Joaquín Rodrigo, Spanish composer.

1950: Paloma San Basilio is a Spanish singer.

1958: Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress.

1967: Boris Becker is a German tennis player.

1984: Scarlett Johansson is an American actress of European descent.

1986: Oscar Pistorius, South African athlete.

Who died on November 22?

1929: Jaime Ferran, Spanish microbiologist.

1937: Philip Laszlo is an English painter.

1998: José Antonio Plaza, Spanish journalist.

2002: Infanta Beatriz de Borbón y Battemberg, daughter of Alfonso XIII.

2012: South African writer Bryce Courtenay settled in Australia.

2018: José Luis Pellicena is a Spanish actor.

What is celebrated on November 22?

Today, November 22, International Musician’s Day is celebrated.

horoscope for november 22

Those born on November 22 belong to the sign of Scorpio.

22 November Santoral

Today, November 22, Saints Cecilia, Ananias, Marcos, Mauro and Philemon are celebrated.

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