What should I do if I test positive: Miscarriage due to Covid, masks, vaccination…

What should I do if I test positive: Miscarriage due to Covid, masks, vaccination...

The incidence of Covid continues to decline in Spain, although many are still affected by the coronavirus. Therefore, in case of a positive test, follow-up is recommended. Recommendations created by the Ministry of Health.

The protocol has undergone changes over time. and the drop in cases in our country, so it has become more flexible and what was previously mandatory and quarantines became the advice to take action if the Covid test is positive.

What should I do if my Covid test is positive?

Thus, last March, the Public Health Committee decided to remove almost all restrictions. From then on, while quarantine is not mandatory for positives, Health continues to recommend minimizing contacts within seven days to reduce incidence.

attribution face maskIt is recommended for use on infected people when going out in public. It also continues to be mandatory in public transport and vehicles such as airplanes. Criticism of companies like Iberiaargues that this rule is unnecessary and should be repealed.

However, especially in the case worsening of symptomsIt is recommended that you go to a medical center or contact the active telephone in each autonomous community. this link. Health authorities recommend taking paracetamol to control fever, drink fluids and rest.

Covid at work: is it necessary to go to the position and is there a sick leave?

Already You are not required to stay at home even if you have a positive case., so you can go to the construction site face to face. Advocates health use remote work to avoid further infection or put people from vulnerable groups at risk, so each case will depend on the job position.

latter, Automatic cancellations due to Covid have disappeared and now the relevant case should be reviewed by the family doctor. If there is a more serious situation, it will be the physician who determines the start and end date of the sick leave due to Covid.

Vaccination campaign and booster dose in autumn

this covid vaccine campaign for this fall, although only for a select segment of the population, it started last Monday, September 26. While some autonomous communities have chosen to follow Health advice and coincide with the flu shot, other regions have decided to wait and administer each dose at a different time frame.

The said booster dose is the fourth or fifth dose, depending on the condition of each person affected by the coronavirus, and the Ministry of Health takes this into account. “Necessary” to strengthen protection against Covid, which diminishes over time. In addition to the recommended sectors of the population, Health recommends supplying them to health and social health personnel because of their greater exposure and possibility of infecting more vulnerable people.

Health in Spain bivalent vaccines, adapted to new Ómicron variants in addition to the original doses. The difference between bivalents and originals is that the first contains. antigens of two strains of the virus (original and Omicron).

Therefore, the authorities recommend his administration because Improving immune response and protection against diseaseespecially in more serious cases.

Currently, health officials recommend taking the fall memory dose right now: most vulnerable populationhowever, they do open the door to consider new proposals if the epidemiological situation changes.

Therefore, a booster dose is recommended in the fall. people aged 60 and overthe people inside nursing homes and disability centers and those with these risk conditions:

People under the age of 60 with the disease chronic cardiovascular, neurological, or respiratory diseases, including bronchopulmonary dysplasia, cystic fibrosis, and asthma.

with persons under 60 years of age:

  • Diabetes.
  • Morbid obesity (body mass index ≥40 in adults, ≥35 in adolescents or ≥3 SD in childhood).
  • Chronic kidney disease and nephrotic syndrome.
  • Hemoglobinopathies and anemias.
  • Hemophilia, other bleeding disorders and chronic bleeding disorders, as well as blood products and multiple transfusion recipients.
  • Asplenia or severe splenic dysfunction.
  • Chronic liver disease, including chronic alcoholism.
  • Serious neuromuscular diseases.
  • Immunosuppression (including primary immunodeficiencies and drugs caused by HIV infection, including eculizumab therapy, in transplant recipients and complement deficiency).
  • Cancer and blood malignancies
  • Cochlear implant or waiting for it
  • Cerebrospinal fluid fistula
  • celiac disease
  • chronic inflammatory disease
  • Disorders and diseases leading to cognitive dysfunction:
  • Down syndrome, dementia and others

People who have been institutionalized for a long time.

Pregnant woman women in any trimester of pregnancy and in the puerperium (up to 6 months postpartum and those who were not vaccinated during pregnancy in this 2022-2023 campaign).

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cohabitants with highly immunocompromised persons.

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