A vaccine against bronchiolitis for minors and pregnant women will take years to see the light

La vacuna contra la bronquiolitis para menores y gestantes tardará años en ver la luz

There is no effective pharmacological treatment for the explosion, nor will it be in the short term. bronchiolitis affecting some pediatric emergencies but Approval of vaccines for minors and pregnant women within two or three yearsIt is not a cure in itself, but a precaution to prevent the disease.

This is how he explains it in an interview with EFE, a member of the Spanish Association for Pediatric Emergencies (SEUP), as well as David Andina, who thinks that preventive measures such as vaccines will immunize expectant mothers and children single-application monoclonal antibodiesIt is currently reserved for children with underlying pathologies with monthly administration.

Andina, an emergency pediatrician at a hospital in the District of Madrid, insists on bronchiolitis. Like other respiratory tract infections, there is no cure. He emphasizes that what is done in the emergency room is “screening which children with respiratory distress, difficulty in eating or very low oxygen need to be hospitalized, and in this case, they are hospitalized and dressed”. a pair of nose glasses.”

“We have nothing but this” This paediatrician who points out approves. prevention measures hand washing, surface hygiene and mask especially for parent caregivers.

Andina says the explosion of cases is “unusual”, that bronchiolitis is related. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) A few weeks advanced and it resulted in a conclusion. Worrying rise in children’s emergency room visits and intensive care units (intensive care) “much higher than we’re used to.”


Andina explains that what worries pediatricians the most is that, as with children, they don’t know when the curve will peak. covidIf the income rate continues as it was these weeks, the situation Christmas both in the emergency room and in the intensive care “be dramatic”.

“The system cannot cope with this speed”draws attention to this pediatrician, who reminds that there are some hospitals. Aragon, Catalonia and Community Madrid They are already creating contingency plans because it is impossible to deal with the situation with ordinary donations.

In these contingency plans Andina warns they will have to. enable ICU beds outside ICUs and areas not usually reserved for childcareLike areas in the adult areas of emergency rooms.

Also, to deal with this explosion of cases, paralyzing the non-urgent surgical activities of minors.


RSV bronchiolitis a typical disease of children younger than two years Although the most serious conditions are seen in children younger than three months and newborns, they are the most frequent admissions to the emergency room and intensive care unit for days or even weeks.

The pandemic has changed the epidemiology of many viruses; RSV, which has been circulating much less in two years, more children susceptible to infectionincluding the elderly.

It is also believed that The mothers of these children, who were not in contact with the virus during pregnancy, also did not have antibodies. to protect their children at birth.

This virus is circulating everywhere in the same way. temperate countries of the northern hemisphere and everyone is experiencing this progression and collapse of the epidemic.

Looking to the future, Andina, one of the health officials contingency plans this can stop the expansion because treatments ‘not coming soon’.

And about the strike primary carethis pediatrician acknowledges that it can cause many parents to seek emergency care, but remember that mobilizing family colleagues for decent work and more time for each patient “will lead to the well-being of all.”

Ask families with children with bronchiolitis “patience and peace” because as cases explode, emergency care requires longer waiting times.

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