Addams’ craziest member returns

Addams' craziest member returns

Wednesday Addams (an amazing Jenna Ortega) doesn’t have a comfortable place in the world. He’s not interested in owning either. In the first minutes of the self-titled series, the character makes it clear that she would prefer solitude. At least in the middle of a normal world where her graceful and somber figure stands out and intimidates.

new series NetflixWednesday is fast moving, which makes Addams the center of a personalized story. It provides enough context for its main figure in its first ten minutes. Considered the current queen of the horror genre, it’s also clear that Jenna Ortega has found herself a role. Wednesday It’s much more than a new millennium version of the classic comic book and movie character. Actually interesting mix between macabre and heroic. Moreover, because it is connected with the idea that this angry and intelligent young man wanted to create his own worldview.

In fact, most of the first episode Wednesday It is a journey from the reality perspective of its main character. Wednesday, who sees murder as “minor mistakes of justice”, is a rare occurrence even in his singular family. His mother, Morticia (Catherine Zeta Jones), tries in vain to understand him. His father, Gomez (Luis Guzmán) offers loving support. But Wednesday does not need comfort, much less understanding. “I need space,” he states bluntly. Which means letting this pale, quiet girl create her own version of good and bad. And create a script for a character atypical to the series.

Tim Burton’s long-awaited return to the production, with its unique gothic atmosphere and elegant staging. His influence is famous, which gives the Netflix series its unique personality. Not only in the way the narrative relies on the visual part to support a more condensed proposition, but also in the specific use of the visual part. Wednesday Addams has a world of his own, a careful, enigmatic and well-crafted reconstruction of the way he interprets reality. At the same time, the production is brimming with a wry sense of humor, with rooms divided between colorful spaces and somber chiaroscuro. Even Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday is Burton stampedewith his stern face and big deep eyes filled with a rare evil.

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As a production, Çarşamba is more interested in covering the life of his character from various angles. It’s a way to create a unique space where you don’t need your family to be interesting. Gradually, Wednesday Addams ceases to be an important variation of an iconic character that reaches its own place. So much so that the season finale, with an unusually entertaining capacity, is one of its high points. This girl, who is allergic to colors but has a great eye for weird things, doesn’t want to be a hero, but she becomes a hero out of sheer instinct. She wants nothing but solitude, she. But in a new world to explore, you may soon change your mind. Perhaps the most intuitive and brilliant look at a very popular character due to the rarity the series has to offer.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Wednesday, that weird girl who only wears black

This is no simple thing. Wednesday It comes at a time when stories abound of weird girls looking for a purpose and trying to figure themselves out. However, in the case of a member Addams Family, the premise must also compete with the character’s unique legacy. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar’s script makes the right choice: exploring Wednesday outside of the family core. It is no longer a nuance of all Addams’ eccentricity as a whole, but a reflection of a unique character.

The plot plays with the idea of ​​marginalization, but on a much more creative level than the seemingly simple premise promises. Not only does it quickly become clear that this young man with a killer instinct and talent for writing is a multi-layered intellectual and moral figure. what is also destined to be an anti-hero.

Perhaps the most obvious Wednesday is the fact of using the already iconic character to engage in a dialogue about the unusual. The character (quite a statement of intent) who started the multi-screen tour at the Nancy Reagan school is a pretty ironic symbol. Dressed in his usual black attire, Sullen rebels against optimism with a methodical ease. The character has no need or expectation of acceptance. He wants to be rejected – he needs it -. This turns his relationship with those around him into a little battle of witty dialogue that gets more and more interesting.

Wednesday is aware of his intelligence, the long distance that separates him from any human being. The show highlights this in its first major scene, where he throws piranhas into a pool of athletes who beat his brother. Seeing “emotions as a weakness,” Wednesday sums up one of the few smiles he’ll show on the show as bubbles and cries of fear are heard. “You have to prove the purpose of the weirdo,” the character reasoned aloud.

Unforgettable schoolgirl Wednesday Addams

Of course, Wednesday’s special revenge has consequences. Nancy was expelled from Reagan High and was eventually imprisoned at her mother’s old school, Nevermore. A respected institution that trains creatures of all kinds, including a Wednesday accused of murder. Perhaps one of the lowest points of the series is that the character tries to find a space where he can express his unique personality.

Nevermore bears more than obvious resemblance to many other extraordinary institutions for children and adolescents. From classic Hogwarts to epic to Alfea winxPassing through the School of Good and Evil, a sense of place becomes repetitive, where very young monsters can learn about their uniqueness in the outside world. Inside WednesdayIt’s boring even with its spacious rooms, duels between students, and the usual hierarchy of school corridors. A quirky personality already analyzed in everyday layers, Wednesday Addams doesn’t need new high school to shine.

But there is no doubt that the series is trying to create a privileged space for the character outside of his family. unlike the version Barry Sonnenfeld Between 1991 and 1993, Wednesday wants to be alone this time. The character, a very young version of a cold, distant, very talented and at the same time talented detective, transcends the obvious. Argument decides to create an intellectual and emotional environment that allows Ortega to delve into the role and move away from any comparison. Not only does the actor get it right, Wednesday Addams is perhaps the most curious take on a character inclined to the stereotype of the past decade.

A new story for a perfect character

Of course, the audacity to rewrite Wednesday Addams includes some changes. The family is no longer the center of the character’s life, nor is the relationship between them. So much so that Morticia and Gomez are characters on the periphery.

Of course, the magnificent presence of Catherine Zeta Jones gives the head of the family extraordinary respect. But Luis Guzman’s Gomez looks lifeless and out of place. The couple is far from the perfect chemistry and complicity shared by Raúl Julia and Anjelica Huston. However, both have a certain sensitivity. Especially, this new Morticia is more of a witch than a domesticated figure.It gives you a new look at your personality.

Wednesday Addams and her parents Morticia and Gomez

In fact, a few of the most interesting points in the series have to do with Morticia’s almost inevitable presence. It’s in the small details that stand out for a moment, both in the first episode and in his old school. It is clear that the character also acquires a new significance, which has a direct impact on the different elements around it. Especially in his relationship with Wednesday.

Young, sullen and angry, he looks at his mother from afar. As if they are different points of the same idea, they both try to understand each other and fail. The item is perhaps one of the most important items in the series. After all, the love bond between the Addamses, for all its strangeness, has always been a key feature of their stories.

But Wednesday of the new generation is made up of a series of minor contradictions, and Jenna Ortega takes the character through a deep dimension of her own uniqueness. It’s not just his black suit, his newfound psychic ability, or his extraordinary intelligence. Wednesday keeps his distance even from his classmates, but it is much more intense and bright than one might imagine. The script—interestingly constructed for and by the character—avoids the cliché and returns to the character. Wednesday Look for a certain kind of intellectual power in a novel.

Wednesday, from a smart teenager to a heroine

As production, Wednesday he is more interested in traversing his character’s life from various points of view. This is a way to create a unique space where you don’t need your family’s attention. Something that grows as the series progresses and as the sinister teenager shows his intellectual and supernatural abilities to the fullest.

Wednesday series Netflix

Gradually, Wednesday Addams ceases to be an important variation of an iconic character that reaches its own place. So much so that it is one of its high points for the season finale with an unusual entertainment capacity. This girl who is allergic to colors but has a great eye for quirks doesn’t want to be a hero, but becomes a hero purely on instinct. She wants nothing but solitude, she. Yet in a new world to explore, I may very soon change my mind. Perhaps the most intuitive and brilliant look at a very popular character due to the rarity the series has to offer.

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