Amazon’s best eMTB drops Black Friday price with +100km autonomy

This is normal electric bike already a super competitive priceespecially considering that he made an announcement 120 km autonomy having the most double suspension, your brake system hydraulic disc or containing a large lithium-ion battery 624Wh energy storage capacity. Of course there are models with superior performance, but the truth is this electric double suspension bike, eMTB typeOne of the best e-bikes we can get at this price. But also a Big sale It’s on the occasion of Black Friday, so it won’t be long.

this Moma Bikes E-MTB 29 for 1,549 Euros it is the best electric mountain bike and double suspension, we can find it on Amazon today. Already normal, at the usual price 1.699 €, is a perfect option for those who like to go out to the countryside by bike. But with this 150 euro discount Yes, he has no potential rivals left. An electric mountain bike with a front fork Lock-on Suntour XCMwith 100mm of travel and this 6061 aluminum frame pretty light, plus change Shimano Altus 24 gears with Shimano front derailleur and shifter.

moma bikes emtb 29

Keys to Moma Bikes E-MTB 29, the best full suspension electric mountain bike you can find on Amazon

In this aluminum frame, Moma Bikes E-MTB 29 It also features cranks, stem, rims and seat post, all made of aluminum. tires double wall RIM XTREAM and its post dropper double up with quick setting. Regarding the electrical part, a brushless motor reaching up to 250W with maximum power and maximum torque 55Nm, complies with European regulations. All this depends on a lithium-ion battery 48V and 13Ahwith energy storage capacity 624Whand it is perfectly integrated into the frame, locked with a key and removable.

we have a team hydraulic disc brakes, 180 mm at the front and 160 mm at the rear. The electrical system can be configured as follows: five levels for help and we 120 km of autonomy with maximum pedaling assistance 25km/h at most, according to the technical specifications declared by the Manufacturer, 4 hours We can fully charge it. So it is not only an ideal electric bike for the mountains, but also perfectly applicable for daily trips such as commuting to work.

mom emtb 29

Normal price of this electric bike 1.699 €but as we mentioned It can now be purchased for 1,549 euros. Considering the benefits, you probably have best full suspension eMTB It can be purchased for less than 2,000 euros. Decathlon’s new eMTB series, set to launch in spring 2023, will likely be available at a fairly similar price point. Today, however, it’s an option that has virtually no competitors and also scores pretty well on Amazon.

If this style doesn’t end up convincing us, there’s an almost identical pattern, but inside fat bike setup, from exactly the same manufacturer. So, with a slightly differentiated geometry, just a few of the slightly changed specs, and best of all, smaller and thicker wheels. The one in question has a 29-inch wheel and is more focused on making traditional mountain bikes.

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