Ana Orantes’ daughter warns of ‘turnaround’ in protecting victims of sexist violence

Ana Orantes' daughter warns of 'turnaround' in protecting victims of sexist violence

On December 4, 1997, Main Orantes sat in front of a television set to publicly denounce the humiliation and beatings her husband inflicted on her for 40 years. Just 13 days later, her abuser burned her alive.

to celebrate its 25th anniversary macho murder which would lead to the ratification of the first comprehensive law against gender-based violence many years later, daughter Rachelaccompanying him television interviewbelieves that a thousand more women have been killed in Spain since then, despite the “before and after” of her mother’s crime –1,171 victims since 2003According to the Government Delegation against Gender Violence – evidence “Something keeps going wrong”.

In an interview with Efe Agency, she said, “As a society, we cannot allow these women to be killed after we leave with the ban decision.” summons judges enforcing the law without getting caught up in “ideological or religious issues”.

Her and her siblings’ childhood was marked by the violence her father inflicted on her mother. In fact, the 46-year-old where he started “living and having fun” says it wasn’t until today. With her mother’s figure “more alive than ever”, she believes the system continues to leave victims unprotected, despite the law. “We are in transformation”she warns, because after all these years to get to this point, there are still those who deny violence against women “just because it is so.”

For this reason, she argues that more needs to be done, because women are accused of “putting up” regardless of their circumstances, and the children of victims are still accused of “not removing them from that environment”. he assures that he and his brothers were also questioned for this.

Raquel Orantes also speaks of reducing penalties. The ‘only yes is yes’ law: He says he’s “angry” and wants to “go out into the street and shout again”. For him it is a matter of “interpretation of the law” and calls for “victims to be heard”.

He believes that judges should do the opposite of what happened: stiffen penalties and ensure full complianceincluding the application of permanent prison sentences, which can be examined in femicides, because according to him “abuses and rapists cannot be introduced”, because they are “ideological murderers and rapists”.

A testimony that helped other victims

But Orantes is sure of this: mother’s “courage” publicizing his case has served over the years increase complaints by the victims and their environment. He is also sure that the foundation of everything is values ​​education, equality and freedom.

The main Orantes case, Trigger for Penal Code reform gender-based violence and the first to be sanctioned in eight years comprehensive law against gender-based violence. The brutality of this crime marked as before and after To mobilize social and political awareness of ill-treatment in Spain and pave the way for subsequent legislative, judicial and welfare reforms.

Ana Orantes was 60 years old when she was murdered by her ex-husband in the house they shared with a judge even though they were separated. Days ago, she had publicly denounced on Andalusian television. beating and humiliation A hell to which her torturer had subjected her for forty years, which began when she first beaten her at the age of 19, just three months after her marriage. “I thought I broke my face,” he told me then.

His life was spent in isolation from his family, with humiliation, threats and beatings, and endless complaints of attacks and harassment. “Then the result of the complaint was house arrest”, which made the situation worse and so they withdrew it. Her shocking public statement when she was divorced focused on gender-based violence at a time when harassment remained private and the law did not provide protection for victims.

25 years later today, streets named after him An Equality Education School all over Spain and other educational initiatives linked to its history to demand women’s rights. Although her daughter has always been made to believe she is “worthless”, today she believes Ana Orantes would “be proud” of helping other victims and “would affect the hearts of both men and women alike”.

Purpose pays homage to Ana Orantes

It coincides with the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Aim This Wednesday at the Ateneo de Madrid, the children of Ana Orantes will also perform as guests on the stage.

The program will remember the woman symbol of the fight against sexist murders and Ana Pastor went to Granada with her daughters Raquel and Charo and her friend Bárbara to visit some of the most important scenes of her life.

016 is a helpline for victims of sexist violence. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The call is free and leaves no trace on the bill, although it must be removed from recent calls.

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