Anne Igartiburu and Chenoa join the ‘Cuenta Contigo’ initiative to support breast cancer patients and raise awareness about the high risk of recurrence

Anne Igartiburu and Chenoa join the 'Cuenta Contigo' initiative to support breast cancer patients and raise awareness about the high risk of recurrence

23.11.2022, 20:23


Launched by Lilly in collaboration with the Spanish Breast Cancer Federation (FECMA), this campaign aims to promote information, education and self-care so that people at risk of breast cancer relapse face this situation in the best possible way.

Lilly launched the “initiative” in collaboration with the Spanish Breast Cancer Federation (FECMA).I trust youWhich they joined Anne Igartiburu Y Chenoa and its aim is to promote knowledge, education and self-care, to enable people with breast cancer at risk of relapse to face this situation in the best possible way. Thus, they want to transform the fears of people with this disease into confidence, light and optimism.

Specifically, Anne herself was interviewed. Youtube channel To the two leading national experts in breast cancer: A medical oncologist and researcher at Universitario Canarias Hospital in Tenerife, Dr. Josefina Cruz; and medical oncologist and researcher in the Breast Cancer Group of Vall d’Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona. Meritxell Bellet. Same way, Chenoa joined the campaign by gaining visibility into this high-level conversation through her own. social networks.

In this talk with Anne Igartiburu, doctors explain the subtypes of breast cancer and why some are more difficult to eradicate. Experts on this subject emphasize that patients know the characteristics of the tumor they have and the characteristics of the most appropriate treatment. reduces the risk of recurrence or recurrence.

And thanks to research, 93% of breast cancer cases are detected at an early stage, but despite this, 1 in 3 people are diagnosed early Those who recover – experience a relapse throughout their life. The challenge medicine currently faces is knowing how to identify the factors that influence relapses and what the pattern of people suffering from this risk is.

Not all cancers are diagnosed at the same stage, some are at high risk although localized. In these cases, we should try to apply the most appropriate treatment so that the largest number of patients will get rid of the disease. In some cases, there are certain clinical features that cause a higher recurrence rate. That’s when we need to persuade patients to receive treatments that will help prevent future recurrence of this cancer with the best possible chance.“, explain Josefina Cruz.

They also emphasize the importance of adherence to treatment:Patients should be aware of the benefits as well as the different side effects of drugs. It is important that they know everything they have gained and the importance of this therapy so that they can adapt well to treatment. In this sense, if there is good information and good follow-up, compliance with the treatment will also be good.”, Dr. Meritxell approves Bellet.

Experts also explained the possibilities offered by medical research. “Advances in research today are encouraging, we have achieved results in many subtypes of breast cancer. Currently, a significant range is covered. positively affects the prognosis of many patients”, Dr. Provides Bellet.

Antonia Gimonhead FECMAnotes “It is crucial to promote research in the field of breast cancer, particularly in settings where further advancement is needed. There is no progress without research, without improvement in diagnosis and treatment. And this is a message that citizens and governments alike should know. As the Federation, we support awareness and research initiatives because they are pillars for a better future for women.”

Data on Breast Cancer and high risk of recurrence

According to the report Cancer Figures 2022Posted by seomIt is estimated that 34,750 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2022, this type of tumor being the most common in women and second in both sexes.

Of the approximately 35,000 diagnoses per year, about 93% will be found at an early stage and only 6-7% will be metastatic, but despite this, 1 in 3 people will experience a (remote or local) relapse during their lifetime. Certain clinical and/or pathological features are associated with a higher recurrence rate and worse prognosis.Therefore, the current challenge for medicine is to determine who are the people at highest risk of relapse.

The high risk is attributed to tumors that appear after their formation. run/eject They are most likely to reappear locally (in the operated breast or scar or remaining nodes) or as distant metastases.

People with early-stage breast cancer often women who have an active social life and enter their life of illnessAlthough being aware that recovery can be achieved helps the afflicted person’s commitment.

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The Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA) represents more than 45,300 women affected by this pathology, grouped in 45 associations across Spain. As a non-profit organization, it has been serving women with breast cancer since its establishment in 2000. all its activities are to emphasize, among other objectives, the decisive importance of early diagnosis of the disease and to support efforts in the fields of health and research related to this pathology.

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