ANPE offers an NLP to the Castilla-La Mancha Courts to “regulate teacher compliance”.

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ANPE has submitted a Non-Legal Proposal to the three Political Groups, PSOE, PP and Ciudadanos represented in the district Courts, to “regulate the compliance of teachers in the district so that they can develop other paid jobs”. The teachers’ union argues that they “are discriminated against” because “this measure has already been issued for teachers from other CCAAs and applies to other officials in the area, including teachers from JCCM’s compliant subsidiaries.”

ANPE met with the main leaders of the political groups represented in the District Courts, conveying to them that “compliance is urgently needed for the non-university education sector in the region”.

ANPE, “Article 103.3 of the Spanish Constitution constitutes a legal precaution regarding the system of non-compliances regulated by the Law on Disputes of Personnel in the Public Service of the Administration, later by Law No. 53/1984 of 26 December”.

ANPE considers it necessary to “create the conditions” based on “compliance with the provisions set out in the said Law” and taking into account the “special conditions of teachers in the service of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha”. To be able to adapt to the teaching group in accordance with the Law No. 53/1984”.

ANPE denounces that “For the 2022/2023 academic year, the Castilla-La Mancha Community Board has more than 3,000 teachers and professors on the staff of non-university teachers, with part-time positions or less. These data show 10% of non-university teaching staff. It shows that more than ten of them are in a precarious job situation, most of them are forced to live outside of their normal place of residence and are unable to do other paid work”.

For this reason, with the Decision of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of National Education, Culture and Sports dated 07/23/2018, “Regulation on eligibility to engage in special activities in favor of fully-qualified teachers” has been introduced. They can be employed part-time or for less time, provided that they do not affect their performance and impartiality as public servants.

The ANPE warned the Cortes’ political groups that “the main problem with the said compliance statement is not found in Law 53/1984, but in the way the remuneration of these non-university teachers in the service is regulated in the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha”.

In this way and “to guarantee compliance with the Law in question”, ANPE requested that the specific supplement created for this sector be replaced, “because by the way, its nature is more suited to that of a destination complement, because it is a supplement taken by all teachers regardless of their position”.

ANPE assures that it does not understand the “lack of care and negligence of the administration to arrange an improvement for part-time teachers that would have greatly benefited teachers who have already agreed upon and meet the requirements for practicing the profession”. compliant teachers may engage in another regulated private activity without any deductions from their salaries”.

The ANPE urges the JCCM government to “allow faculty compliance” and also demands that “measures that do not require an economic cost be included in the Budget Act, for their implementation they need Law-level regulation”. Progress such as changing regulations preventing the application of certain leaves, licenses and permits to teaching staff, such as voluntary reduction of working hours and of course adapting these teachers regardless of the duration of the working days that want or need to carry out another activity that does not of course undermine their teaching activities

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