Atrio and Cocina Hermanos Torres receive their third Michelin star

Atrio and Cocina Hermanos Torres receive their third Michelin star

Spanish gastronomy shined once again with a starburst at the 2023 Michelin Guide premiere held at the ‘El Greco’ Conference Center in Toledo. The French guide has once again featured a Spanish restaurant with its highest award, after two years of not doing so.

The year 2022 has been a year of great expansion in our country and has shown that gastronomy is still more alive than ever. This is also acknowledged by the Michelin Guide on a starry night. Red Guide 29 awarded one new Michelin star, 3 new two Michelin stars and 2 three Michelin stars.

The head of the Michelin Guide in Spain and Portugal described the gala as a “night of celebration” for the effort Spanish gastronomy has made in this two-year crisis due to the Covid pandemic.

The red ‘libriloo’ has not been denied awards and has valued the bets of the youngest chefs who have made a bet to be part of the Michelin firm.

Atrio and Cocina Hermanos Torres, three new Michelin stars

Atrio and Cocina Hermanos Torres are two new restaurants selected to enter the three Michelin-starred Olympus. Twins Sergio and Javier Torres expressed their happiness after finishing the premiere and that they will continue to work on “raising the stars”.

The Torres brothers make no secret of seeking this long-awaited recognition, and the dedication at Cocina hermanos Torres has been fantastic. They told the media, “Our TV projects have nothing to do with the stars, but they helped us make enough money to make our investments.”

With this award, Atrio and Cocina Hermanos Torres join eleven other restaurants that have received three ‘macaroons’ from the Michelin Guide. The full list of restaurants with three Michelin stars stays that way for 2023.

  • Atrium – Toño Pérez
  • Torres Brothers Kitchen – Javier and Sergio Torres
  • Diverxo – Dabiz Munoz
  • AbAc-Jordi Cruz
  • Akelarre – Pedro Subijana
  • Aponiente – Angel Leon
  • Quique Dacosta – Quique Dacosta
  • Lasarte – Martin Berasategui
  • Arzak – Juan Mari Arzak
  • Amos Pavilion – Jesús Sanchez
  • Azurmendi – Eneko Atxa
  • El Celler de Can Roca – Roca brothers
  • Martin Berasategui – Martin Berasategui

room service award

The novelty of the Michelin Guide, published in 2023, was the award for the best dining room service, highlighting their work to complete the culinary experience in a restaurant.

The winner was Toni Gerez, room manager and sommelier of the Michelin-starred Castell Peralada restaurant in Peralda.

Joan Roca, chief mentor 2023

Joan, one of the Roca brothers, took over the Chief Mentorship of the Michelin Guide from Martin Berasategui. Shocked by the award, Joan Roca remembered her siblings with whom she wanted to share the award and discussed the values ​​necessary for the youngest people to grow up in gastronomy.

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Cristobal Muñoz, Young Chef 2023

Cristobal Muñoz, just 31, runs Ambivium kitchens in Peñafiel. Chef from Almería received the award for young chef 2023.

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