banned pets and other scams

Pets prohibited and other scams

The new Animal Welfare law has sparked controversy among government partners due to the exclusion of hunting dogs, as well as the large number of hoaxes circulating through Vox environments.

  • The Welfare Act obliges municipalities to hold responsible for “the collection of lost and abandoned animals and their housing in an animal welfare centre,” by having an emergency service available 24 hours a day for the collection and veterinary care of these animals. .” hour

  • Pet stores will not be able to sell cats, dogs, or ferrets, something that is already covered by the regulations of some areas.

  • First animal welfare law reaches Congress: its keys and debate

this The Animal Welfare Act has caused much controversybut above all, many scams. Despite what circulates on social networks and WhatsApp messages, it can still be kept as a pet or companion animal. budgies, hamsters, rabbits, turtlesbecause list of forbidden pets Includes species that pose a problem for citizen safety, public health or biodiversity”.

So yes, they can. dogs, cats and budgies, budgies, although dog owners will have to pass free training courseAlthough dogs and cats cannot be bought or owned, to guarantee responsible ownership of the animal less than eight weeks.

When the animal is delivered, it must be stated “in a letter”. contract between the parties” and identification with it will be “obligatory”. microchip dogs, cats and ferrets “from birth” . In the case of ringed birds and register them in the Pets Registry.

Bans sale of dogs, cats and ferrets Partly in pet stores, as already happens in the Community of Madrid and other autonomous communities. On the other hand, these organizations can offer: pets for adoption by agreements with guardians

The Animal Protection Act, also known as the Pets Act, is promoted by the Home Office. Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda will not fine beggars or homeless to have dogs as one scams.

what does he attribute Animal law of government fines up to 10.000 Euros beggars He begging with dogs. “Your draft animal law It demonstrates that begging with dogs, which has been approved by the Cabinet, should be punished with fines ranging from 500 to 10,000 euros.”

However, the Director of Animal Rights, Sergio Garcia TorresHe denied this deception, emphasizing that the law implies it. prohibition of using animals companion and wild in captivity walking form, as a claim or to exercise to use them

The Welfare Act, which will come into effect before the end of this year, domestic and wild animals basically in captivity dogs, cats, fish and birds and between him targets is to prevent high degree of animal abandonment in spain.

Nearly 13 million animals registered and identified in Spain: half do not have a health check

exists in Spain pets in one out of every three households and there now 13 million animals registered and identified. 50% of them do not have any health checks.

Article 27 of the Law regulates prohibitions. farming by the company unregistered breeders In the Pet Breeders Registry (page 29), something highlighted by most critical with the new norm.

However, Animal Rights Director Sergio García Torres, in different media outlets, The grower just registers, an agile process, Open can be done online for free. The aim is to guarantee reliable record above all born animals.

“Leaving it unattended” is prohibited to someone animal companion during more than three consecutive days. Dogs may not stay in homes, apartments or private areas for more than 24 hours.

Another fake news that caused sparks is the 22nd article of the law. 24 hour veterinary assistance a towns They don’t even have doctors.” In reality, what the norm dictates is that city councils must be responsible for “society.” collection of lost and abandoned animals and their stay at an animal welfare centre.

For this they will need to have emergency room available for 24 hours collection and veterinary care from these stray, abandoned or lost animals.

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