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Through the competition, boys and girls shared messages that defend their rights as living beings, against abandonment, and draw attention to their feelings and the importance of bonding with them.

The winners of the competition, Col·legi Sant Rafael in Tarragona and CEIP Fuente del Oro in Cuenca, were chosen based on the originality and illusion of their banners. The reward will consist of one experience; Donate 1 ton of food to a charity chosen by children from Enchantimals dolls and Purina

Actress and animal rights activist Clara Lago is an ambassador for this initiative, which is being run at various schools in Spain.

Purina and Enchantimals, the Mattel-owned doll brand, launched a campaign at different schools in Spain last October as part of World Animal Day to raise awareness and educate young people on responsible ownership and sharing with pets. the benefits that the human-animal bond brings to society as a whole.

One of Purina’s primary commitments is to promote responsible pet ownership programs for children. The goal is clear: to teach the next generation of owners to care, understand and take responsibility for the well-being of their pets. Therefore, the goal through this type of program is to achieve a more positive future for pets, their owners and society in general. Enchantimals characters have a very special bond with their pets, making them ideal for running this campaign together.

The name given to this initiative, “Artivists for Pets,” consisted of educating boys and girls to understand the importance of caring for pets, to be kind and empathetic people, and to nurture values ​​above all else. love and respect for the environment, living things, but also to create a supportive and respectful society among people.

The competition was developed as a game and consisted of boys and girls creating different emotional and positive banners, encouraging the community to adopt animals or take care of them by upholding rights.

A jury formed by actress Clara Lago from among the other members selected the best banners and therefore some winners. The winning banners were chosen keeping creativity in mind when creating the banner and also taking into account the message initiated in favor of empathy and respect.

The Artivistas por las mascotas school program was a complete success, attracting nearly 4,500 students and more than 100 schools. From the banners received, the jury selected the following winners: La Selva del Camp, Class 1 of Col·legi Sant Rafael in Tarragona and Class 2 (group A) of CEIP Fuente del Oro in Cuenca; Both winning classes showed originality, artistry, enthusiasm and sensitivity in raising their voices to respect pets.

Clara Lago commented: “It has been a valuable experience. Seeing how little ones are fully involved in the important task of raising awareness and protecting those who do not have a voice to defend themselves. Children learn from an early age to love and respect animals to create a better world and society. “It’s vital, and initiatives like these help achieve that.”

Sònia Sáez, Veterinarian and Communications Manager for Purina, comments: “We believe that living with pets is much better in Purina and we know the many benefits that animals bring to people’s lives, but these benefits are even greater when it comes to children. … It’s gratifying to see how they’re involved through play to deliver the important message.” He adds: “Through these actions, we are reinforcing our commitment to do more of what really matters, hand in hand with world-renowned companies like Mattel. educating and raising the awareness of children who will be future pet owners is a priority for everyone at Purina.”

Céline Ricaud, Mattel’s Head of Marketing for Spain and Portugal, says: “Enchantimals was born with the idea, among other things, of helping children understand the importance of caring for their pets with love and respect. By participating in these initiatives, we have achieved: Connecting with animals to create a more supportive and kind society. sensitize children to how important it is to set up”.

Purina takes care of you beyond the bowl

One of the company’s initiatives is the “Better to Learn Together” school program, which teaches children the benefits of living with pets. Purina, in collaboration with the CTAC study center Centro de Therapyas Asistidas con Canes, created a training program that brought assisted training dogs into the classrooms of nearly 9,000 boys and girls in 2015. They emphasize from Purina that there are many benefits that animals bring to people’s lives, but even more so when it comes to children. Pets teach life lessons about responsibility, show love and affection, and teach respect for certain boundaries. At the same time, according to studies reviewed by Purina, boys and girls who grew up with dogs at home were 30% less likely to engage in antisocial behavior (Wenden et al. 2020). On the other hand, interacting with a dog has benefits such as reducing anxiety as well as contributing to greater concentration and ultimately improving college student outcomes (Thelwell 2019).

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