Consell forced sa Feixina to catalog it as a monument due to “legal necessity”

El Consell obligado a catalogar sa Feixina como monumento por «imperativo legal»

this sa Feixina monolithic It will go from its possible demolition to its classification as a historical monument “by legal necessity” by Consell de Mallorca. The isolation institution received an official notification from the Supreme Court that the protection sentence is final and has two months. Classify as Well Listed.

vice president and Island Cultural Councilor, Bel Busquetsacknowledged that as a Cataloged Good, “there is no possibility of further sourcing and we must catalog the monolithic structure as required by law”. Busquets said he has not yet spoken about whether the Pact has gone to European courts to demolish the controversial monolith. It will be an issue that PSIB, Més and Podemos need to work on in the coming days.

On October 8, 6 October Supreme Court Decision on appeal against the decision Balearic Islands Supreme Court of Justice (TSJB) Approving the decision of the contested administrative court no. 3 Palm February 27, 2020, therefore, this monument is considered to be a Listed Property. This appeal was brought to the Supreme Court by the Memory Association of Mallorca, and the supreme court ordered the organization to pay 2,000 euros for defense costs to reimburse Franco’s repression.

Last October, the Supreme Court’s decision was based on an agreement of the insular commission for the Historic Heritage of Mallorca, dated 22 December 2015, which rejected a file for the preservation of the monument on the grounds that it lacked historical value. artistic guided by Veïns Society i Amics de Santa Catalina and Old Centers Revitalization Association (Arca). These two organizations filed a contentious-administrative appeal before agreement was reached at Consell’s general meeting in 2017 to initiate the demolition. In the first place, then TSJB and the Supreme Court agreed with them last month.

this Consell y Memoria de Mallorca appealed the sentence Before the TSJB of the administrative court no. 3 in Palma. At one time, the Balearic court order also ordered that the monolithic structure of sa Feixina be preserved. Memòria de Mallorca once again appealed to the Supreme Court, but Consell had long since given up on going to Spain’s highest judicial authorities.

This decision by the Supreme Court, which dismissed Mallorca Memorial’s appeal, is now the decision that gives Consell two months to include the sa Feixina monolith as a Cataloged Property. They therefore confirm from Consell that they will have to classify it as a “legal obligation” and against their will. politics. in this week Consell Historic Heritage CommissionVice President Bel Busquets reported this to its members. He also told them that it was no longer possible to recourse to ordinary justice and that the only way left was to go to the European Courts of Justice. It is a decision that the Pact has not made yet and that it must make soon. On the other hand, Maria Antònia Oliver, head of Memòria de Mallorca, expressed their willingness to appeal in October. Oliver filed a possible appeal before the Constitutional Court. However, they reassured Consell that the only possible avenue available was European justice.

Sa Feixina controversy

this Palma Town Hall Y Consell de Mallorca proposed demolishing the sa Feixina monolith in 2017.It was erected in honor of the victims of the Balearic cruise ship during the Franco dictatorship. Both Palma city council and the insular institution advocated demolition of the monument. However, the Arca and Veïns de Santa Catalina association requested protection. When it was rejected by Patrimonio del Consell, it was when they started the judicial process.

What the Supreme Court decision does is uphold the judgment of the Balearic Islands High Court of Justice. TSJB understood that the monolith did not violate the law of historical memory. “out of context” in 2010 All symbols associated with the Franco regime were removed by the Palma City Council itself.

Arca has always defended the monument’s ancestral values ​​in the face of reports such as that of Art History professor Catalina Cantarellas. They claim they don’t have them. The conservationist entity describes it as “a landmark of good architecture”, as well as reaffirming the cultural values ​​of this monument designed by architect Francesc Roca.

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