Correos presents ‘Distribution Solidarity’ award to professionals from La Palma

Correos presents 'Distribution Solidarity' award to professionals from La Palma

Correos handed over the national award ‘Distributing Solidarity’ To the professionals of La Palma Island, who stand out with their social commitment with all the actions they took in response to the social problems they experienced during La Palma’s volcanic crisis. Along with the population of the Island during the 85 days that Cumbre Vieja Volcano erupted.

The social commitment of professionals of all offices and distribution units on La Palma Island, especially those in Tazacorte, El Paso and Los Llanos de Aridane, where the volcano’s greatest impact fell. authorities, transport it to the distribution center 63 tons of aid those arriving by Post from all over the national territory on these dates, and Collaborated with the NGO World Central Kitchen, in order 24 hours from the supply point for the emergency services of the advanced command point.

Award given to all professionals of Correos in La Palma, Lavalientes palm tree NGOa non-profit organization that will use the 1,000 euros from the award to help those affected by the volcanic crisis, and which has so far cooperated in, among other initiatives, the rehabilitation of teachers’ homes, the distribution of meal cards or the provision of computers to students who have had to take online lessons again from their homes after the pandemic.

Correos award ‘Distributing Solidarity’ By Correos, as a recognition of the ideas of employees and teams that manage to communicate values ​​through their social commitments and collaborate to improve society, which rewards the most supportive employee or team that shows generosity towards the community, times to help others who dedicate a portion, or to take actions or contributions to specific social problems.

Correos on La Palma Island has eight centers in Santa Cruz de La Palma and Los Llanos de Aridane, two mail and parcel delivery units, and 70 employees spread across six post offices in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Los Llanos, Tazacorte, El Paso, Breña Alta and San Andrés y Sauces are called mixed because the last two involve customer service and delivery.

For more information: Nicolás Pérez Tel.629.146.365

About Post Office:

Correos was born over 300 years ago and, after constantly adapting to the market, is today the leading operator in the industry in Spain. Currently, the company’s strategy focuses on internationalization, sustainability and digital transformation. Serving citizens with more than 48,000 professional employees and a network of 2,389 offices, the company delivers nearly 6.6 million shipments per day. Correos Group has 3 subsidiaries: Correos Express dedicated to emergency packages, Nexea specializing in multi-channel solutions for bulk communication by companies, and Correos Telecom, which is responsible for the management and marketing of telecommunication infrastructures. It is owned by Grupo SEPI and is part of a holding that includes a total of 15 publicly traded companies.

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