Ecuador reports measles cases for the first time since 2018

Ecuador reports measles cases for the first time since 2018

At least two children have been diagnosed with measles in Ibarra. The Ministry of Health launched a large vaccination campaign in that city.

appearance two measles cases It worries health officials in Ecuador. On 19 November 2022, the Ministry of Health issued a warning. eight month old baby He was caught in this disease in Ibarra.

About first case of measles It has been officially reported by Ecuador since 2018. last bud This disease, which is thought to have been eradicated in Ecuador.

determined by the Ministry of Health in 2018. 19 people with measles. Of these cases, 11 corresponded to patients. less than four years old.

Francisco Pérez, Undersecretary of Public Health Oversight, announced that the child infected in 2022 has not yet been vaccinated against measles. because first dose applied in regular scheme 12 months and supplementation at 18 months.

According to authorities, the baby contracted the disease after coming into contact with a person. in imported condition. “All infections that may occur in the country are from people who do not reside in Ecuador or are in transit,” he said.

So far, the Ministry of Health has 150 person epidemiological fence It was learned that he had contact with the child who recovered at home.

In addition, the business has set a day. mass vaccination in Ibarra children over six months to stop the spread of the disease.

Pérez reminded that the measles vaccine is part of the basic vaccination plan. applied for free in the health centers of the country.

“The country has more than 1000 banks” 180,000 vaccines against measles”, aforementioned.

very contagious disease

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines measles as: highly contagious disease and in children it can be very serious”.

Epidemiological studies by the CDC suggest that a person with this disease infect 10 people if you are not vaccinated.

The duration of transmission begins four days before symptoms appear. and it lasts up to four days after it disappears. The main symptoms caused by measles include:

Undersecretary Francisco Pérez added that measles can also be the cause. blindness and pneumonia.

While the World Health Organization claims that measles is still considered one of the most common diseases, leading causes of death Although there is a safe and effective vaccine to prevent in young children.

“In societies with high levels of malnutrition and inadequate healthcare, measles can kill 10% of his patients,” he elaborates. The reason for this is There is no antiviral treatment It is specific for measles.

cured disease

Got measles in 2016 Fifth disease eradicated from America, after smallpox (1971), polio (1994), and rubella and congenital rubella syndrome (2015).

World Health Organization, most countries triple measles vaccine, Mumps and rubella (MMR) between the 1980s and the early 2000s.

Despite being a measles-free continent, the agency asks states to strengthen active surveillance and increase vaccination in children to prevent the emergence of new shoots.

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