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Seville mayor Antonio Muñoz and Seville City Council and Seville Business Confederation (CES) presidents Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos and Miguel Rus Palacios, respectively X Corporate Social Responsibility Awards (RSE) during a ceremony at the Real Alcázar in Seville.

These are annual awards organized by CES and Diputación, through Prodetur, in collaboration with Endesa and Seville City Council, to publicly recognize the best initiatives and good practices in Social Responsibility and Sustainability of companies that develop their operations. in Sevilla.


Renault Group Refactory Sevilla was awarded in the “Large Company” category. Cal de Morón from Gordillo in the “SME” category Also in this issue, the Cáritas “Bioalverde” project received the “Best Initiative” award in the field of CSR.

About Groupe Renault’s Sevilla Plant in Sevilla, the Groupe Renault’s initiative to promote and develop Innovation and circular economy initiatives, at Groupe Renault’s factories by 2030, in Europe by 2040 and globally by 2050 s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality (in line with its zero impact goal). in 2050). In this way, it facilitates a second life for used vehicles, thanks to a sustainable and responsible transformation, both environmentally and socially, based on the industrial know-how of the Renault plant in Seville and its partners.

of the Gordillo’s Cal de MoronA family-owned company dedicated to the production of high-quality artisanal lime using traditional methods handed down from generation to generation, the jury highlighted its continuous work on systems research, innovation and development in coordination with different universities and organizations. and products for sustainable building and socially responsible construction.

Among the many CSR projects, the Chooka Project in Turkana region (Kenya) was mentioned at the ceremony where they were able to produce lime by hand and provided knowledge and techniques for the locals without being dependent. on foreign construction materials too far to reach.

Regarding the “Best Initiative in CSR”, he went to Bioalverde, a non-profit company supported by Cáritas Diocesana de Sevilla, whose aim is the inclusion of people in social exclusion or at risk of social exclusion into society and the workforce. raise awareness, increase fair and sustainable consumption. They organize training courses in Organic Agriculture so that the people most affected by unemployment can access free education and work. In addition, they organize many activities around the orchards, especially for school children who have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the production processes of daily consumed foods.

Likewise, Aspanri – AspanriDown was given a special award at the RSE Awards serving Gala’s food service for its collaboration throughout this decade. This association works for the integration of boys and girls with intellectual disabilities and Down syndrome into the workforce, for their full personal satisfaction and is a great support for their families.

Source/photo: Seville City Council

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