More than $100,000 of material sank in the river

More than $100,000 of material sank in the river

A drone demonstration nearly ended in tragedy after about fifty units fell to the ground.

This drone demonstration ended in disaster: more than $100,000 in supplies sank into the river

In the last few years, demonstrations about drones have become popular, mainly due to the falling cost of these devices. Among the various advantages behind this technology, the presence of less pollution, both acoustic and air-related, is particularly notable, and of course, lowest cost in terms of recruitment. Such events are becoming popular in Asia and are expected to do the same on other continents over the years.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a non-defective technology. It is true that its prevalence has meant that there are more and more specialized computer programs for computer programs. perform all kinds of scenes in the airBut sometimes accidents happen. The most recent case was seen in Perth, Australia. during a celebration rented a drone experience With the illumination, it was possible to observe how fifty units suddenly fell to the ground.

So, let’s see what repercussions the fall of these unmanned devices can cause, why it can pose a real danger to spectators, and, of course, to what extent it is necessary. running prevention programs in order to cause greater evil. We are faced with a product that requires a protocol to prevent accidents in the future. Even more, taking into account the visibility this event has.

Half a hundred drones crash into the middle of a light show

Computer programming of drones, create spectacular performances in the sky. It is a very interesting option that can replace classic fireworks. But this latest accident serves to understand how it is necessary to make significant improvements to avoid such incidents. What is the evidence of what is happening now? Not all of them fall into a turn, but a landslide occurs throughout the entire run.

You can see in the previous pictures How does a landslide occur? throughout the entire performance. In such an event it is reasonable to think that some units might fail, but it is unusual for fifty units to experience this outcome. According to the information on the portal Newsthe presence of strong winds could have been the cause of these events.

Fortunately, these demonstrations are held in places where there is no direct contact with the public. The dimensions are clear as there should be no people just below the display. After all, these are products close to a kilogram, so can reach high speeds during a fall. Likewise, we are dealing with a dangerous product type due to the arrangement of the propellers, so special attention should be paid to this.

This drone demonstration ended in disaster: more than $100,000 in supplies sank into the river

Up to 300 different drones were used in this Perth show. Picture: Perth now

As you can see, the use of drones is becoming standard. Despite this, above all the lack of regulation and of course, practical limitations of these devices due to lack of autonomy. Its availability in different industries is expected to continue to increase over the next few years. rescue work or just like Units responsible for package delivery.

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